Eureka5 Hamburg Day1B: Uzunoglu leads after last level monster pot

Central Europe's biggest poker tour has finally had the opportunity to be hosted by the region's biggest country. Hamburg - Germany's second city -, and more specifically the Spielbank Schenefeld Casino, is welcoming a very different type cliental over the next nine days as the Eureka Poker Tour is in town. Out go the jackets and collars; in come the hoodies and sunglasses.

The split day ones trialled in Rozvadov back in February has been pushed a little further this time round. Days 1A and B are being held over this weekend followed by Days C and D to be played on Wednesday and Thursday this week. The idea is to allow local players the chance to make a Day2 without having to take a day off work first.


Kadir Uzunogl

A total of 103 players thought it was a great idea and took their seats today for 12 45-minute levels. By the end, 32 remained and Kadir Uzunoglu ended as clear chip leader with 253,100 after winning a monster pot in the last level.

He limped in (2k) with pocket aces and was called in one spot before Andre Gross raised to 7,000. Uzunoglu then moved all in for 160,000 (effectively 132,000) and Gross called off his stack with pocket jacks. The board ran ten high and Gross left in a state of shock.

Other big stacks heading to Day 2 on Friday are: January Block (156,000), Niko Koop (146,200), Stefan Brunkhorst (122,100), Sven Freese (95,000), Falco Tietjen (91,700), Kay Di Stefano (82,400), Walid Abdi Ali (78,300), Steven Abbey (72,600) and Stefan Husmann (72,500).

Due to the high local player contingent, and the fact that most of the online qualifiers for the event are due to play later in the week, the field was not packed with many notable names. Those players who did catch our attention included: Jan and Alex von Halle, Maria Von Perger, Alem Shah, Olga Iermolcheva and Alex Jung.

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Olga Iermolcheva

Of those players only Maria Von Perger (Jamila's mother) made it through the day. She only has cashes dating back a couple of years and had a very swingy day. She was up to 50,000 halfway through the day and tumbled all the way down to 7,000 before getting back up to 37,500 by the end. Her pockets queens stayed ahead of ace-queen and pocket jacks in a late-night triple up present.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Maria von Perger.jpg

Maria Von Perger

The casino welcomes a whole new bunch of players tomorrow for another 12 levels of poker. More than 80 players have registered so a field larger than today is expected. Be sure to join us back here from 1pm CET where we'll rewind the big blind back to 50 and do it all over again.


Marc Convey
@The_Conv in Eureka Poker Tour