Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller Day 1: 77 in, Baekke amongst leaders

The €2,200 High Roller has made it to halfway through level 6 with 80 players registered, meaning it has already smashed the standalone Eureka High Roller record, set at 51 in Season 4's Rozvadov leg. It's good to be in Germany!

Three players (Johann Roesnick, Vincent Wagner and Claudio Celenza) have already departed to leave the other 77 to do battle over the baize.

Eureka5_Hamburg_HR_Moritz Kranich .jpg

Former EPT Deuville champ, Moritz Kranich

A fourth EPT champion took his seat late into proceedings. Moritz Kranich is in 14th position on Germany's stacked all-time money list with just under $3million in winnings. Most of that haul came from taking down EPT5 Deauville for €851,400, a result he built on in future years, adding a WPT title and a third-place finish in the 2011 WSOPE Main Event.

Kranich was sat alongside two other former champs, in the shape of Thang Duc Nguyen and Pieter de Korver. The latter took a pot off Nguyen in the third level of the day when the big blind was at 150.

Eureka5_Hamburg_HR_Pieter De Korver.jpg

Former EPT Grand Final champ, Pieter de Korver

Nguyen raised to 350 and was called in three spots en route to a 3♣4♥9♥ flop where he continued for 700. Only De Korver (small blind) check-called to the A♦ turn where he called another 1,100. Nguyen checked behind on the J♣ river and folded when De Korver opened A♣Q♦.

The Dutchman moved up to 40,000 in level five but was hoping to get more out of his flopped full house. He was heads up to the turn of a 3♣3♥9♥4♥ board and check-raised his opponent's 4,000 raise up to 9,000. While his opponent was thinking, De Koever sat there motionless with his mouth hanging open al a Phil Ivey. Eventually his opponent folded and he reshaped his face into a look of frustration, flashed 9♣9♦ and gave them to the dealer.


Former EPT Snowfest champ, Allan Baekke

Moments later, on an adjacent table, Allan Baekke was raising his way to a 50,000-stack. The action was four-way to a 9♦8♥8♣ flop and Baekke was the only caller after the preflop aggressor continued for 1,400. When the Dane faced a 3,000 bet on the 3♠ turn, he raised to 7,300 and forced a fold from his opponent.

Max Kruse, soon to be off to Wolfsburg FC, had to handle another transfer here after he was moved tables for balancing purposes. He did manage to make quads before he left though.

With the big blind at 150, Jens Patzner made a raise and picked up four callers. The flop came 7♥J♦7♠ and the big-blinded Martin Guth led out for 375. Patzner folded but Minh Pham (cutoff) raised to 2,000. Steven Abbey (button) folded to leave Krus as the only caller after Guth folded. Both players checked the 7♣ turn before Pham folded to Krus' 3,800 bet on the 3♥ river and was shown the 7♦ by the football star.

Chip Counts:
Amir Mozaffarian - 60,000
Jan-Peter Jachtmann - 56,000
Toni Vardjavand - 47,000
Allan Baekke - 50,000
Ali Sameeian - 38.00
Martin Guth - 34,000
Jesper Feddersen - 33,000
Pieter de Korver - 40,000
Steophan Klam - 29,000
Max Kruse - 28,000
Denys Drobyna - 28,000
Sven Reichardt - 23,000
Lasse Frost - 22,000
Thang Duc Nguyen - 21,000
Moritz Kranich - 21,000
Nikolaus Teichert - 21,000
Tobias Peters - 18,000
Niko Koop - 17,000
Martin Mulsow - 17,000
Sebastian Lang Rock - 16,000
Jan von Halle - 13,000
Olga Iermolcheva - 12,000
Gregor Derkowski - 5,000

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in Eureka Poker Tour