Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller Day 2: €43,210 up top with 43 still in hunt

Welcome back to the Spielbank Schenefeld Casino for Day 2 of the Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller Event. The €2,200 buy in tournament attracted an impressive 81 players yesterday to set the record this tournament at a standalone event (not attached to an EPT festival).

The remaining 43 players will take their seats at 2pm CET where they'll attempt to play down to a winner today. Abbas Pahlewani enjoyed the best of it yesterday and bagged up 122,000 chips. Many of those came after he flopped the nut straight in a hand versus Niko Koop who had flopped bottom set. At the other end of the scale, you 'll find soon-to-be Wolfsburg FC player Max Kruse. The (reported) €12million attacker will need to show some poker skills today to build his 16,300 stack back up.

Eureka5_Hamburg_HR_Max Kruse2.jpg

Max Kruse

Four EPT winners entered yesterday and two of them remain, in the shapes of Pieter De Korver and Allan Baekke. De Korver had a swingy day and ended on 20,300 whereas Baekke seemed to build steadily and finished on 53,800. Thang Duc Nguyen and Moritz Kranich never really got anything going yesterday and failed to make the latter stages.

Registration closed after six levels on Day 1 with a €157,140 prize pool built and will be divided as follows:

1 €43,210
2 €30,720
3 €20,110
4 €15,480
5 €12,260
6 €9,590
7 €7,540
8 €5,890
9 €4,480
10 €3,930
11 €3,930

Day 2 Seat Draw:

Abbas PahlewaniGermany122,00011
Tobias PetersNetherlands99,70012
Lasse FrostDenmark20,20013
Allan BaekkeDenmark53,80014
Jusef Pahlewani-SarughiehGermany40,10015
Mikhail MolchanovRussia55,50016
Varahram VardjavandGermany21,20017
Martin GuthGermany77,00021
Olga IermolchevaUkraine27,50022
Timo SchneiderGermany103,70023
Florian LehmannGermany100,10024
Ali SameeianGermany78,50025
Steven AbbeyGermany33,00026
Reinhard NackGermany33,20027
Nikolaus TeichertGermany33,60031
Jesper FeddersenGermany48,00032
Yulius SepmanRussia6,70033
Stefan HusemannGermany42,50034
Fabian PetersenGermany11,90035
Sven ReichardtGermany84,20036
Stevo MarjanovicGermany23,20037
Ulrich PaulsGermany21,10041
Goswin SiemsenGermany112,20042
Nick KrasniqiGermany33,00043
Jan-Peter JachtmannGermany45,80044
Dragan SimeunovicSerbia19,40045
Max KruseGermany16,30046
Sebahattin DegermenciGermany111,70047
Rudolf KosterGermany18,30051
Peter FritscheGermany10,60052
Oliver Phillip DoppGermany24,20053
Abdelkader BenhalimaFrance74,00054
Cedric JostGermany34,50055
Denys DrobynaUkraine31,60056
Herrmann BehrensGermany21,10057
Mustafa KersebomGermany85,70061
Rudolf FainingerGermany39,80062
Irina PetrovaRussia33,10063
Wolfgang WarnyGermany21,60064
Pieter De KorverNetherlands20,30065
Milan RabszPoland48,30066

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in Eureka Poker Tour