Eureka5 Hamburg High Roller: Pahlewani leads final 43

By the end of level six (when registration closed), the Eureka High Roller event attracted a very impressive 81 players. After nine 40-minute levels, 43 remained with Abbas Pahlewani topping the field heading in to Day 2.

He amassed 122,000 by the end with many of those chips coming after he doubled up in a big pot versus Niko Koop. The latter flopped a set of eights on a [8][J][Q] flop but Pahlewani held ten-nine for straight. The chips went in on the turn and Koop couldn't fill up on the river and departed soon after.


Abbas Pahlewani

Saroughiye heads a top five that looks like:

Abbas Saroughiye, Germany - 122,000
Goswin Siemsen, Germany - 112,200
Sebahattin Degermenci, Germany - 111,700
Timo Schneider, Germany - 103,700
Florian Lehmann, Germany -100,100
(Full counts at the bottom)

The 81 players helped create a €157,140 prize pool, with €43,210 of that going to the luck winner. The last 11 will make the money and it will be split as follows:

1 € 43,210
2 € 30,720
3 € 20,110
4 € 15,480
5 € 12,260
6 € 9,590
7 € 7,540
8 € 5,890
9 € 4,480
10 € 3,930
11 € 3,930

Level seven was very kind to Lasse Frost as he went from 6,300 up to around 24,000 over the course of two hands. First, he doubled up via Dragan Simeunovic. He three-bet all in with 8♥8♦ for 6,300 after Simeunovic had opened with A♦Q♥. He called but couldn't connect with the 9♣2♣J♥K♥4♦ board.

A short while after he was sat in the small blind and called a Moritz Kranich cutoff raise to 1,250 along with the big blind. The flop came 4♥2♥3♥ and all three checked to the 8♠ turn where Lasse led out for 2,000. Kranich was the only caller and he called another 3,600 on the A♦ river. Lasse opened A♠5♠ and Kranich mucked to drop to around 14,000.

Eureka5_Hamburg_HR_Moritz Kranich .jpg

Kranich never got above starting stack today

Kranich said later that he had turned a set of eights and another pocket pair cost him his tournament life soon after. His threes failed to stay ahead of Niko Koop's A♠4♠ after an all in preflop showdown.

Von Halle's exit also came at the hands of Koop a while before the above. The two players were heads up to a K♠T♣2♠ flop where the chips went in, with the former at risk. He opened a drawing Q♣J♠, behind to Koops' A♣K♣. The board ran out 3♥7♥ to send Von Halle on his way.

Other players who busted during the last three levels included: fomer EPT champ Thang Duc Nguyen; Adriaktik Agalliu, Artem Lobus, Michael Jan Ros, Dennis Wilke, Friedrich Raz, Jens Patzner,

Eureka5_Hamburg_HR_Thang Duc Nguyen.jpg

Just like the Main Event, no luck for Nguyen

One player who's made his second Day 2 of the festival is Tobias Peters, who finished with 99,700. A lot of those chips came in a cooler of a pot versus Baekke and Amir Mozaffarian. Baekke opened (ace-jack he said after the hand), Mozaffarian three-bet and Peters cold four-bet. Baekke folded to leave Mozaffarian to five-bet and call all in when Peters six-bet shoved holding holding queens. Mozaffarian opened aces but a queen flopped and that was that for the German player. Baekke made Day 2 as well though with a healthy 53,900.


Whoever wins tomorrow will feel lie this guy

End of day chip counts:

Abbas SaroughiyeGermany122,000
Goswin SiemsenGermany112,200
Sebahattin DegermenciGermany111,700
Timo SchneiderGermany103,700
Florian LehmannGermany100,100
Tobias PetersNetherlands99,700
Mustafa KersebomGermany85,700
Sven ReichardtGermany84,200
Ali SameeianGermany78,500
Martin GuthGermany77,000
Abdelkader BenhalimaFrance74,000
Viktor WaalGermany61,000
Mikhail MolchanovRussia55,500
Allan BaekkeDenmark53,800
Milan RabszPoland48,300
Jesper FeddersenGermany48,000
Jan-Peter JachtmannGermany45,800
Stefan HusemannGermany42,500
Jusef Pahlewani-SarughiehGermany40,100
Rudolf FainingerGermany39,800
Cedric JostGermany34,500
Nikolaus TeichertGermany33,600
Reinhard NackGermany33,200
Irina PetrovaRussia33,100
Nick KrasniqiGermany33,000
Steven AbbeyGermany33,000
Denys DrobynaUkraine31,600
Olga IermolchevaUkraine27,500
Mike DeblerGermany26,500
Oliver Phillip DoppGermany24,200
Stevo MarjanovicGermany23,200
Wolfgang WarnyGermany21,600
Varahram VardjavandGermany21,200
Herrmann BehrensGermany21,100
Ulrich PaulsGermany21,100
Pieter De KorverNetherlands20,300
Lasse FrostDenmark20,200
Dragan SimeunovicSerbia19,400
Rudolf KosterGermany18,300
Max KruseGermany16,300
Fabian PetersenGermany11,900
Peter FritscheGermany10,600
Yulius SepmanRussia6,700
Marc Convey
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