Eureka5 Rozvadov: Cards in the air for Day 1C

Cards are in the air for the first ever Day 1C on the Eureka Poker Tour. This is no normal starting flight though; it's a turbo, re-entry only event. A second chance if you will for the poor souls who failed to make it through Day 1A/B.

No one is allowed to rock up at the King's Casino and enter for the first time and no one is allowed to enter if they're still in the Main Event. The levels are 20 minutes long and registration will stay open through six levels, meaning registration will be coming to a close just as Day 1B will be concluding, not long after midnight.

It's almost certain a few players will try and enter despite making it through Day 1B but it'll be really interesting to see how the lure of Day 1C will affect the short-stacked players as Day 1B comes to a close. Will they gamble more with their short stack than they normally would? Will players try to make out that's their intentions when holding a monster? Time will tell.


Second chance for Danzer

Around 79 players have registered so far but not all have taken their seats. Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer, former World Champ Pius Heinz and circuit regular Heinz Kamutzik are three that were in from the start.

Kamutzik's loves the idea of the Day 1C. "I would've just played this if I was allowed," he commented. He's a fan of short levels on day ones as a standard; get further along in the structure with shorter levels.


Ivan Sebeledi

Those who filtered into the room and took their seats before publishing included: Brian Horwitz, Alexander Popp, Christos Kachrimanidis, Tobias Peters and Ivan Sebelédi (Eureka 4 POY third place).

A wrap of Day 1C will be up on the blog later.

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in Eureka Poker Tour