Eureka5 Rozvadov Day 3: Level 25 - 28 (40,000/80,000, 10,000)

12:45pm: Day 3 comes to a close
That's all for Day 3. Ruben Pleijster finished the day as chip leader on 3,430,000. Coverage of the final day will begin from 3pm CET and a wrap of the day's main talking points will be up on the blog shortly.

12:30am: Last three hands
The final seven players will play three more hands before ending for the night.

12:10am: Triple up for Pavelka
Josef Pavelka had a happy look upon his face after he tripled up through Raphel Wimmer and Marek Blasko.

He was under the gun and moved all in for 765,000. Wimmer called from two seats along before the decision got to Blasko. He tanked with a lot of animation before adding another million to the bet.

"You must have it after all that" said Wimmer and folded what he said was pocket eights.

Blasko: 9♣9♦
Pavelka: A♠K♠

The board ran 7♥K♥6♥A♦3♥ to make Pavelka two pair.

11:52pm: Pleijster takes another hit
Ruben Pleijster must hate the sight of clubs right now after they cost him a two-million chip pot.

He opened from the cutoff with J♥J♦ and called after Josef Gulas three-bet all in for 1,020,000 from the small blind holding A♣5♣.

The board ran 8♣A♠3♣T♠2♣. The Dutchman fell behind on the flop and the flush confirmed the loss for him. He wasn't a happy bunny when handing over the chips and dropped to 2.4million.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 40,000/80,000, 10,000

11:42pm: Hossein Ensan eliminated in 8th place (€12,770)
Hossein Ensan will miss out on tomorrow's festivities after he lost a big flip to Marek Blasko.

He moved all in for 850,000 from second position and was only called by Blasko in the next seat.

Ensan: 9♦9♠
Blasko: A♦K♥

The board ran A♠2♠Q♣4♠5♦ to pair the Slovakian's ace.


Ensan - 8th place

11:30pm: First blood for Paleta
Rastislav Paleta won the first significant pot of the final table, and he took them off chip leader, Ruben Pleijster in a battle of the blinds.

A limped pot brought a 4♣T♣2♣ flop. Pleijster led for 85,000 and called after Paleta raised to 175,000. Both players checked the A♣ turn before Pleijster led for 375,000 on the 3♣ river. Paleta flicked in an immediate call and heard two beautiful words uttered from his opponent's mouth, "You win!"

Paleta showed Q♣6♣ for a queen high flush and raked in the pot after Paleta mucked.

11:15pm: Official final table underway
Here's a reminder of how they line up:

Seat, Name, Country, Chips
1. Marek Blasko, Slovakia - 2,100,000
2. Ruben Pleijster, Netherlands - 3,800,000
3. Rastislav Paleta, Czech Republic - 1,400,000
4. Josef Gulas, Czech Republic - 1,100,000
5. Josef Pavelka, Czech Republic - 785,000
6. Branislav Ondrus, Slovakia - 2,900,000
7. Raphel Wimmer, Germany - 3,400,000
8. Hossein Ensan, Germany - 800,000

10:50pm: Remigiusz Wyrzykiewicz eliminated in 9th place (€10,110)
The Eureka Rozvadov Main Event has reached it's official table of eight after the elimination of Remigiusz Wyrzykiewicz in ninth place.

The Pole had hardly played a hand for the last coupe of hours and often had a look of frustration as he tried to find a spot to get his chips in the middle. Eventually, he found that spot, but it turned out to be a cooler.

The action folded around to him on the button and he moved all in for his last 525,000. Branislav Ondrus was in the big blind and snap called.

Wyrzykiewicz: 9♠9♣
Ondrus: K♠K♥

The ran 6♥4♣T♠T♣A♦.

They'll now be a short break before cards will be back in the air.

10:30pm: Unofficial final table
Seat, Name, Country
1. Marek Blasko, Slovakia
2. Ruben Pleijster, Netherlands
3. Rastislav Paleta, Czech Republic
4. Josef Gulas, Czech Republic
5. Remigiusz Wyrzykiewicz, Poland
6. Josef Pavelka, Czech Republic
7. Branislav Ondrus, Slovakia
8. Raphel Wimmer, Germany
9. Hossein Ensan, Germany

10:20pm: Aleksandar Zuberovski eliminated in 10th place (€8,240)
The Main Event is a one-table affair after the elimination of Aleksandar Zuberovski in tenth place.

He was in the big blind and three-bet all in for around 650,000. Ruben Pleijster had opened to 120,000 from the cutoff and Marek Blasko called before Zuberovski made his move. Pleijster shoved behind and that was enough to force a fold from Blasko.

Pleijster: A♣K♣
Zuberovski: K♦J♦

The board ran 9♦8♠T♠T♥8♦.


Zuberovski exiting in 10th

The unofficial final table draw will be posted shortly.

10:10pm: Michael Huber eliminated in 11th place (€8,240)
Michael Huber came back from break as the shortest stack and was soon eliminated.

The action folded around to him in the small blind and he moved all in and was called by Josef Gulas in the big blind.

Huber: J♦7♠
Gulas: A♣5♦

The board ran Q♥2♥7♦A♥T♠.

The tournament is now being played on two tables of five players; lose one more and they will be redrawn onto one table.

10:05pm: Chip counts from break
Name Chip count
Raphel Wimmer 3,465,000
Ruben Pleijster 2,825,000
Marek Blasko 2,100,000
Branislav Ondrus 1,785,000
Rastislav Paleta 1,545,000
Josef Pavelka 1,185,000
Hossein Ensan 910,000
Josef Gulas 755,000
Aleksandar Zuberovski 695,000
Remigiusz Wyrzykiewicz 675,000
Michael Huber 615,000

10pm: Blasko doubles Onduras
Just before the break Marek Blasko - who had had a good two levels - lost 850,000 off his stack by doubling up Branislav Ondrus.

The action folded to him on the button and he decided to apply maximum pressure on the shorter stacked blinds by moving all in with A♣8♥. Ondurus looked down at A♥[1d] and made the call.

The board ran A♦J♦K♦Q♥2♥ to make Ondurus two pair. Chip counts of these two, plus all the other players will be posted in a moment.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 30,000/60,000, 10,000

9:45pm: Last break of the night
The remaining players are on their final break of the day unless we fail to reach eight by the end of level 28.

9:30pm: Ensan gets tricky with Gulas
Hossein Ensan managed to manoeuvre Josef Gulas off a hand with some tricky play.

The former was in the big blind and defended a cutoff min raise from the latter. The flop came 5♥9♠2♣ and Ensan led for 65,000. Gulas called and bet 180,000 when the action was checked to him on the 7♣ turn. Ensan came back with a check-raise all in for 775,000.

Gulas had 900,000 back and decided to preserve them by folding, even if the look on his face indicated he wasn't happy about it

9:20pm: Paleta doubles
Rastislav Paleta has doubled up to around 1.2 million chips thanks to big-slick. He three-bet all in with his A♠K♦ from the small blind and was called by Aleksandar Zuberovski who had opened his button with A♣T♥.

The board ran ace high and Zuberovski dropped to 630,000.

9pm: Baron spell
It's been a funny old 45 minutes at the tables where nothing of note has happened. Today's theme has been periods of frantic action where multiple players have busted, followed by baron periods of nothingness. Even chip leader Ruben Pleijster got bored and went off to buy a bottle of beer from the bar.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 25,000/30,000, 5,000

8.15pm: Marc Radgen (13th) and Stefan Zollinger (12th) are eliminated (€7,000)
Two more elimination occurred almost at the same time, on each table.

Marc Radgen was first to go. He moved all in with J♦K♦ and ran into Hossein Ensan and his A♦A♣. The board ran Q♦J♣5♠T♣J♥.

Stefan Zollinger found himself short despite his recent pot win and he open shoved with 8♣4♥. Another case of bad timing saw Ruben Pleijster wake up with K♣K♠ behind him, call, and survive a blank board. The Dutchman moved up to 2.3million.

7:55pm: Langar Oghabian eliminated in 14th place €6,180
Day 1A chip leader Langar Oghabian was the first player to depart post dinner break.

He last 340,000 went into the middle when the action folded around to him in the cutoff and Stefan Zollinger moved all in from the next seat to isolate.

Oghabian: K♣T♥
Zollinger: 8♠8♣

The board ran 7♣3♦Q♦Q♣8♦.


Oghabian on his exit hand

7:40pm: Play resumes
The final 14 players are back in their seats for four more levels or until the final six players are reached - whichever comes first.

Here's a look at how the final two tables sit:

1 1 Remigiusz Wyrzykiewicz, Poland - 1,080,000
1 2 Marc Radgen, Germany - 475,000
1 3 Hossein Ensan, Germany - 915,000
1 4 Josef Pavelka, Czech Republic - 1,290,000
1 5 Michael Huber, Austria - 530,000
1 6 Empty
1 7 Josef Gulas, Czech Republic - 1,030, 000
1 8 Raphel Wimmer Germany, 2,185,000


Ruben Pleijster leading the way

2 1 Rastislav Paleta, Czech Republic - 835,000
2 2 Langar Oghabian, Netherlands - 345,000
2 3 Stefan Zollinger, Brazil - 805,000
2 4 Empty
2 5 Ruben Pleijster, Netherlands - 2,340,000
2 6 Marek Blasko, Slovakia - 1,460,000
2 7 Branislav Ondrus, Slovakia - 1,615,000
2 8 Aleksandar Zuberovski, Germany - 1,595,000

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in Eureka Poker Tour