Eureka5 Rozvadov: Mumma Miah, Atik bubbles Main Event

Once the tournament got down to 100 players remaining (five off the money), Tournament Director Thomas Lamatsch made an announcement to the dealers to call out every all in and call. The purpose of this was to ensure that they could keep track of every exit so they knew when to employ hand-for-hand play on the bubble.

Obviously, the players were listening to the announcement as well, and it seemed to contribute to play slowing down considerably. More than 20 minutes passed before another elimination and - just like London buses - two went in quick succession.

The 100th place finisher was Nikolai Bozic after he fell to chip leader, Langar Oghabian. Bozic had 130,00 back and they went in on a 5♠4♠6♥ flop holding T♦T♥. Oghabian held A♠K♠ and called. The board ran out K♦J♥ to see the pot heading to the way of the Dutchman, who had 500,000 chips after.

Christoph Gerhard Glätzner went in 99th place after his pocket queens failed to stay ahead of Ladislav Červený's ace-ten. An ace appeared on the flop.


Literally a chip and a chair

A little while after, the tournament lost another player in the shape of Martin Bartoš. He was short stacked and made his move with pocket nines. Mateusz Martewicz found A♠K♥ and made the call before flopping Broadway when it came Q♠J♣T♦.

Martewicz's tournament story is a great one. Yesterday, with the blinds at 400/800, 100 he lost a pot to drop down to one ante with just a 100-chip in front of him. From there, he tripled up twice and doubled up once in an orbit, to get back to around 30,000.

A short while after, a player in the cutoff shoved into him with king-seven. He was in the big blind with jacks, called, and doubled once more. One orbit later, he was in the big blind again and two players - one with tens and one with aces - moved all in. He looked down and saw aces, called, and more doubled up. He ended the day on 86,000 and has gone from strength-to-strength today, up to more than 250,000 after the Bartoš elimination.


Van der Peijl fight to find an exit route after busting

Hand for hand play was initiated two off the money, with 97 players remaining and the tournament soon reached the pure bubble after the elimination of Wouter Van der Peijl. The Dutchman got the last of his chips in with pocket queens but an ace flopped to hand the pot to Jürgen Hofer and his A♣K♠.

The tension on the bubble was too much and everyone had to take a break. Or it may have been that the scheduled dinner break had arrived and none had a choice. The Casino laid on an excellent American-Italian themed buffet, with burgers, ribs, wings, hotdogs and pasta; along with chocolate muffins and cheesecake for dessert. Something to wash it down with, you say? Trays of beer sufficed just perfectly for the thirsty crowd.

The buffet did the trick as the bubble burst soon after play resumed, and the showdown happened up on the webcast table.


Miah was the last player to leave with nothing

Atik Miah and Adi Alkalay got the chips in pre flop and the cards were flipped up. Being the shorter player, Miah was the one at risk.

Miah: A♣J♣
Alkalay: 8♥8♦

The board ran T♦J♠Q♥7♣8♠. Miah took the lead on the flop but a cruel river handed Alkalay a full house. Cheers were heard around the room after the announcement the bubble had burst.

All remaining players are guaranteed €2,000 for their effort this week and the floodgates of eliminations will open once more as all the hangers on try to build their stacks back up.

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in Eureka Poker Tour