Eureka2 Bulgaria: Day 1B, Level 1 - 4 updates (blinds 100-200)

eureka-poker-tour-thumb.jpg6.30pm: Break time
Four levels are over, players are on a 15 minute break. You'll find level five updates in a new post.

6.30pm: Group Table of death
Every major football championship seems to throw up a group of death and every poker tournament has a table of death. Currently on Day 1B of Eureka Bulgaria that honour belongs to table one (which won't break all day) as it contains Team PokerStars Pro Toni Judet (16,000), Eureka Nova Gorica runner-up Plamen Todorov (12,000) and PokerStars sponsored player Matej Marinovic (29,000).

6.20pm: Gremilins
Apologies for the lack of updates but yet again Gremlins have gotten into the PokerStars blog, I hope no one fed them after midnight otherwise this could be a long day.

6pm: Prizepool
I've just received the breakdown of the prizepool and can pass on the following information.

A total of 27 players will be paid, the winner of Eureka Bulgaria will win €61,170 whilst a 27th place finish is good for €2,000. A full payout structure is available here.

5.45pm: Exits
There's no easy way to say this but: Kiss Flaviu, Ivan Neshkov Borisov, Ami Tayar, Lubomir Lozanov Lubenov, Dorde jovanovic and Jurij Fiodorov can all get a table nice and early for the Euro 2012 kick off.

5.35pm: Numbers
It can sometimes seem like Day 1B of a poker tournament is like groundhog day, you spend all of Day 1A with the blinds getting bigger then all of a sudden you're back to 25-50 for the start of Day 1B.

Well with late registration closing at the end of level two I can now confirm numbers for today and the tournament as a whole. A total of 123 players paid up to play today, the exact same number as on Day 1A meaning that 246 players in total took part in this tournament.

Tournament staff are currently finalising the payout structure and I'll report that as soon as I have it.

eurekabulgaria_chip shot.jpg

Win all of these, win the tournament


5.20pm: Double up for Marin
Down to just 4,600 I saw not how but Cristian Marin was all-in pre-flop and had been called by Tzahi Degampur, time for the showdown.

Marin: A♠K♥
Degampur: J♣J♦

The overcards got there on the board of A♥Q♥3♥2♠7♣ and Marin doubled up, but he's still below starting stack.

5pm: Chunky four way pot
This was one of those pots that started off innocently enough but soon sparked into a full blown monster.

The action was started by Ervin Kuglis who raised to 375 from the hi-jack, next seat along Tomasz Spodenkiewicz raised to 800, both Ondrej Drozd (small blind) and Vasile-Calin Zagon (big blind) flat called. When it was back on Kuglis he re-raised to 2,875, this forced Spodenkiewicz to fold but both blinds made the call to create a pre-flop pot of 9,425.

On the flop of [10c]J♠A♥ it was checked to Zagon, he moved all-in for 3,875, Kuglis made a laboured fold but Drozd made the call.

Zagon: J♦J♥
Drozd: A♠Q♣

The 8♦ turn and 5♦ river kept Zagon in front and he more than doubled up to 14,175.

4.40pm: Judet set up nicely
During the first two levels Team PokerStars Pro Toni Judet dropped below starting stack, but he just won a nice pot to climb to 17,400.

Both Kameliya Yankova (early position) and Ricardas Vymeris (button) limped before Judet raised to 600 from the big blind, both players made the call. At this point another player at the table got up to tell me that this was the first hand that Yankova had played all tournament.

On the flop of 9♦3♣9♣, Judet bet 1,200 and Yankova was the only caller. Both players then checked the K♦ turn and the 7♦ completed the board. At this juncture Judet fired out a bet of 2,200, Yankova didn't take long before making the call, Judet showed 7♣7♥ for the rivered set, whilst Yankova had pocket tens.

eurekabulgaria_toni judet.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Toni Judet

4.30pm: Back from the break
Players are now back in their seats for the third level of the day. And for Alain Medesan perhaps three really is the magic number as he looks delighted to be playing level three.

eurekabulgaria_alain medesan.jpg

Alain Medesan - clearly loves the game

4.15pm: Break time
Two levels have been completed and players are now on a 15 minute break.

4.10pm: Internet issues
The internet has been down for the last 30 minutes but it's now up and running again and updates have been back filled (see below).

4.05pm: Corocaescu gets the river bluff through
You don't see too many river bluff raises these days so kudos to Catalin Corocaescu for getting one through.

I arrived at the table to see a complete board of K♣5♦9♣5♠2♣ there was roughly 4,400 in the pot and Nikpolai Tcanev fired out a bet of 1,600. Action was on Corocaescu and he sat there for about 10 seconds before cutting out a bet of 3,600. He then riffled those chips for half a minute before placing the bet over the line. Now it was Tcanev's turn to tank. Eventually he let his hand go and Corocaescu showed Q♠J♣ for just queen high, Tcanev sunk back in his chair, hands on head at his decision to pass.

3.45pm: Todorov takes a hit
I joined the action live to see a flop of Q♠8♣7♣, there were three active players and the pot was already a healthy 2,625. It checked to Plamen Todorov (under-the-gun+1) he bet 1,425 and Andreas Dagkas (under-the-gun) was the only caller.

On the 8♦ turn Dagkas check-called a bet of 2,250 before both players checked back the 5♦ river, Todorov showed A♦K♠ whilst Dagkas had pocket tens and scooped the pot. He's up to 27,000 whilst Todorov slips to 9,500.

3.25pm: Exits
The pace of exits has been slightly quicker today so far than yesterday. In total four players have hit the rail in the opening 75 minutes, as well as Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez (see 2.45pm) Pawel Keller, Nikolay Bibov and Svetlozar Bojkov are all out.


3.05pm: Spotted
There's a few familiar faces dotted about the field today. I've spotted Dan Williams from Canada. He qualifies for a lot of the PokerStars tours, often winning multiple seats to each event. He usually comes to Europe to play a number of festivals in a row but told me: 'I came over to play the high roller and the main but then I'm going home.'

I've also seen Matej Marinovic -a PokerStars sponsored player - Plamen Todorov who finished second to Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez in Nova Gorica in season one and Nir Levy, who had success in a side event here last year.

2.45pm: Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez first out
I didn't see the hand live but I can tell you that Eureka Nova Gorica champion and Season one leaderboard winner Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez is the first man out today. Word is he had pocket jacks against Ricardas Vymeris's [4][5]. The latter flopped two pair in a three-bet pot and stacked him.

eurekabulgaria_antonio dieguez rodriguez.jpg

Short day for Dieguez who's first out

2.35pm: Split level?
There are, thus far, 105 entrants in Day 1B, but with tournament staff expecting a number of late registrants during the first two levels, most tables are playing seven handed at the moment. There's also half a dozen tables upstairs should they be needed.

2.20pm: Cards in the air
After the new rules and regulations where explained to the players - like players being in their seats when the first card is dealt for their hand to be live - play has started.

The plan for the day is exactly the same as Day 1A, nine one hour levels with a break every two levels, including a one hour dinner break after level six. That will take us all the way to around 1.15a.m local time. Stay right here for updates, chip counts and I apologise in advance, the odd bad beat story.

2.10pm: Slight delay
There's been a slight delay to the start, but players are beginning to take their seats and play should be underway shortly.

1.15pm: Welcome to Day 1B
Hello and welcome to the second flight of Day 1 action here at the Grand Hotel & Casino International in the Golden Sands resort near Varna.

Yesterday 120 players were reduced to just 41 over the course of nine levels of action with Dutchman Ted Stolzenbach (136,300) leading Bulgarian Petar Zografov (113,800). I'm expecting another quality field today Team PokerStars Pro will be represented by Toni Judet and I've already spotted Eureka heavyweights Alain Medesan, Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez and Alija Filipovic winner of Eureka2 Croatia in April.

Play is set to begin at 2pm.


It promises to be an 'ace' day of action here in Bulgaria

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Bulgaria:Nick Wright. Photos by Thomas Stacha.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Bulgaria