Eureka2 Bulgaria: Day 3, Level 20 - 23 updates (blinds 10,000- 20,000 ante 3,000)

eureka-poker-tour-thumb.jpg6.55pm: Break time
The six remaining players are now on a 15 minute break, you'll find level 24 updates in a new post.

6.40pm: Two in a row for the chipleader
Saveikis Algirdas, who it has just come to my attention is actually called Algirdas Saveikis (it was the wrong way round on the official player list I was given), has been using his chiplead to good effect and just won two three-bet pots in a row.

In the first Slaven Popov raised to 42,000 from under-the-gun but passed when Saveikis made it 80,000 to play from the big blind.

The very next hand Petar Zografov raised to 40,000 from the cut-off, Daniel Karlson flat called on the button but both folded to Saveikis's bet of 120,000. After those two hands he's on roughly 1,050,000.

6.20pm: Deyan Stanev eliminated in seventh place (€9,550)
Despite taking a few hits Daniel Karlson is still the most active player at the table, he min-raised to 40,000, Deyan Stanev moved all-in for around 180,000 and Karlson insta-called.

Stanev: K♠J♥
Karlson: A♣Q♥

The board ran 8♠9♣4♦[10c]4♥ and Stanev was sent to the rail in seventh place, whilst Karlson is up to 500,000.

eurekabulgaria_day3_deyan stanevjpg

Stanev - couldn't find the stairway to heaven

6pm: Nagy Barnabas eliminated in eighth place (€7,600)
I've just witnessed the first exit at the final table. It folded to Nagy Barnabas in the cut-off, he moved all-in for 240,000 with A♥7♠, next to act Saveikis Algirdas made the call with A♦K♦ and everyone else folded.

The flop of 6♥9♣6♣ gave Barnabas chop outs and a backdoor straight draw to go with the three sevens but he missed all of them on the J♠[10c] turn and river. After that hand Algirdas, with 900,000 is the new chipleader.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 10,000-20,000 ante 3,000

5.55pm: Small pot poker
Lots of simple raise and takes at the moment but there has been one showdown.

It was raised up to 35,000 by Michal Misterek from the hijack and Saveikis Algirdas defended his big blind. The flop fell Q♦8♦J♥ and Algridas check called a 40,000 c-bet. Both players then checked down the 2♦ turn and A♠ river, Misterek showed K♠6♥ for king high, whilst Algridas had J♣[10c] to win the pot.

5.40pm: Karlson takes another hit
Things continue to go from bad to worse for former chipleader Daniel Karlson as he just lost the first chunky pot at this final table.

He opened to 32,000 on the button and Saveikis Algirdas called from the big blind. Both players checked the J♣4♦3♦ flop to see the 5♣ fall on the turn. This prompted Algridas to lead out with a bet of 40,000, call from Karlson. The 4♠ completed the board and Algridas, after some thought, settled on a bet of 93,000. This sent Karlson into the tank, after a few minutes he emerged with a call, but mucked when Algridas showed 3♣3♥.

After that hand Karlson slips to 325,00 whilst Algridas climbs to 565,000.

5.30pm: Restart
Play is underway at the final table of the Eureka Bulgaria main event.

eurekabulgaria_day3_final table.jpg

The elite eight

5.20pm: Final table chip counts
Below are the chip counts at the start of the final table, Poland's Michael Misterek is the chip leader with 730,000. There's 24 minutes left in the current level, players are just having a final table photo taken, play should resume shortly.

Daniel Karlson, Sweden, 486,000
Nagy Barnabas, Hungary, PokerStars qualifier, 288,000
Saveikis Algirdas, Lithuania, 386,000
Slaven Popov, Bulgaria, 398,000
Deyan Stanev, Bulgaria, 301,000
Ted Stolzenbach, Netherlands, PokerStars qualifier, 511,000
Michal Misterek, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, 730,000
Petar Zografov, Bulgaria, PokerStars qualifier, 564,000


The Eureka Bulgaria main event trophy

5.10pm: Andrejus Jakovlevas eliminated in ninth place (€5,700)
From early position Andrejus Jakovlevas moved all-in for 175,000 it passed to Ted Stolzenbach on the button, he tanked and folded what he told me was [A][10], a lucky escape as it turns out as one seat along Michal Misterek announced call.

Misterek: J♥J♣
Jakovlevas: A♥6♥

The board ran 7♣Q♥6♠2♣7♦ and our official final table is set, there's now a short break whilst the players relocate to the final table area and tournament officials do a chip count.

eurekabulgaria_Day 3_Andrejus Jakovlevas.jpg

Andrejus Jakovlevas (standing) bubbles the official final table

5pm: Inaction
There's been little to no action the past 20 minutes, stacks have remained static and there have been no big pots. The shortest stack is Andrejus Jakovlevas, he's down to 175,000, around 11 big blinds.

4.40pm: Nagy Barnabas doubles through Ted Stolzenbach
From early position Nagy Barnabas moved all-in for 153,000, it folded to Ted Stozlenbach in the big blind and, after getting a count, he made the call.

Barnabas: A♣Q♣
Stolzenbach: K♦Q♦

The board ran 3♠2♣J♦7♦9♠ and Barnabas dodged 12 outs on the river to survive.

4.30pm: Chip counts
Players are now back in their seats, here's the official chip counts from the break. It's very tight at the top with just 100,000 separating the top five, but it's Petar Zografov who leads right now having been just two cards away from elimination 20 minutes ago.

Daniel Karlson, Sweden, 502,000
Nagy Barnabas, Hungary, PokerStars qualifier, 161,000
Saveikis Algirdas, Lithuania, 364,000
Andrejus Jakovlevas, Latvia, 193,000
Slaven Popov, Bulgaria, 495,000
Deyan Stanev, Bulgaria, 290,000
Ted Stolzenbach, Netherlands, PokerStars qualifier, 535,000
Michal Misterek, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, 460,000
Petar Zografov, Bulgaria, PokerStars qualifier, 560,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000 ante 2,000

4.15pm: Break time
The final nine players are now on a 15 minute break.

4.10pm: Petar Zografov doubles through Nagy Barnabas
From under-the-gun+1 Nagy Barnabas raised to 24,000, Michal Misterek called from the small blind and Petar Zografov defended his big blind. The flop fell 3♥9♥5♦, it checked to Barnabas who c-bet 44,000, Misterek folded, Zografov moved all-in for around 190,000 and Barnabas made the call.

Zografov: 9♦8♦ - top pair
Barnabas: Q♣Q♥ - overpair to the board

Turn: 8♦
River: 4♣

Zografov turned two pair to stay alive and is up to 450,000 whilst Barnabas slips to 200,000 and is now the shortest stack.

eurekabulgaria_Day 3_petar zografov.jpg

Petar Zografov

3.55pm: Michal Misterek doubles through Daniel Karlson
And the chipleader has taken another hit, this time at the hands of Michal Misterek. All the chips went in on the turn of a J♥2♥Q♥2♦ board, Daniel Karlson held A♥6♥ for then nut flush, but Misterek had pocket jacks for a turned full house. The meaningless K♦ completed the board and Misterek is up to 580,000 whilst Karlson, who's been reeled back in, is down to 600,000.

3.45pm: Nagy Barnabas doubles through Daniel Karlson
It folded to Daniel Karlson on the button and he raised to 24,000, from the small blind Nagy Barnabas three-bet to 61,000, Karlson moved all-in and Barnabas called all-in for 210,000.

Barnabas: Q♦Q♠
Karlson: 7♦7♠

The board ran 5♦A♣2♥3♠[10c] and the queens stayed in front.

3.35pm: Unofficial final table

There was a short break whilst there was a re-draw for the final nine, and chips were moved across. Below is the re-draw for the final nine and chip counts. I stress that these are 'eyes on' chip counts, official counts will be available when one more player is eliminated and the official final table is set.

Unofficial final table

Daniel Karlson, Sweden, 1,100,000
Nagy Barnabas, Hungary, PokerStars qualifier, 210,000
Saveikis Algirdas, Lithuania, 380,000
Andrejus Jakovlevas, Latvia, 240,000
Slaven Popov, Bulgaria, 480,000
Deyan Stanev, Bulgaria, 320,000
Ted Stolzenbach, Netherlands, PokerStars qualifier, 570,000
Michal Misterek, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, 280,000
Petar Zografov, Bulgaria, PokerStars qualifier, 350,000

3.20pm: Andrzej Kozikowski eliminated in 10th place (€ 3,850)
The unofficial final table of nine is now set as Andrzej Kozikowski has just been eliminated in tenth place. He moved in for 160,000 from the big blind with Q♠J♥ over the top of Daniel Karlson's 24,000 open, the Swede called off the extra with K♠Q♥.

The dominating hand held up as the board came 9♠6♥[10h]A♣2♠ and the players will now combine around one table. Full chip counts and a seat draw will be coming shortly, I estimate that Karlson now has around one million of the 3,600,000 in play.

eurekabulgaria_Day 3_Andrzej Kozikowski.jpg

Andrzej Kozikowski out in tenth

3.10pm: Misterek gets one through
From under-the-gun Michal Misterek opened to 27,000, Ted Stolzenbach flat called from the small blind and Deyan Stanev then three-bet to 52,000 total. Back on Misterek he shrugged then moved all-in for 222,000 total, quick fold from Stolzenbach and then a long tank from Stanev.

He was talking to Misterek trying to get him to divulge if he had a pair of ace-king, it was all friendly banter though and after a couple of minutes Stanev folded pocket nines face-up, whilst Misterek showed A♦K♥.

Still ten remain.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,000-12,000 ante 1,000

2.55pm: Michael Alnahas eliminated in 11th place (€ 3,850)
Down to just 75,000 Michael Alnahas moved all-in with [10s]9♠, Deyan Stanev called with ace-king and it held up to send Alnahas to the rail. Just 10 remain, when one more is eliminated the remaining nine will combine around one table.

eurekabulgaria_Day 3_michael alnahas.jpg

'Action' Alnahas out in 10th

2.45pm: Dennis Schaefer eliminated in 12th place (€ 3,850)
Wow! I've just seen the biggest pot of the tournament so far and Daniel Karlson now has a monster chip lead.

I missed the pre-flop action but there was 60,000 in the pot pre-flop (suggesting a single raise and call) and the flop came down 3♦9♥9♦, Schaefer c-bet just 12,000, Karlson raised to 39,000, Schaefer re-raised to 70,000, Karlson made it 125,000, Schaefer moved all-in for around 325,000 and Karlson snap called.

The look on Schaefer's face told you everything, he knew he was behind, he showed 8♦8♠, Karlson had Q♣9♣ so Schaefer had just two outs. They did not arrive on the [10s] turn or Q♦ river and Karlson now has around 775,000.

eurekabulgaria_Day 3_dennis schaefer.jpg

Dennis Schaefer

2.35pm: Tobias Schwecht eliminated in 13th place (€ 3,350)
Down to just 65,000 Tobias Schwecht moved all-in with K♥4♥ and Ted Stolzenbach made the call with pocket sixes. The board of [10d]3♥Q♠7♥[10c] saw the German become the first exit of the day.

eurekabulgaria_Day 3_tobias schwecht.jpg

Unlucky 13 for Schwecht

2.30pm: Misterek doubles
Not a good start to the day for Tobias Schwecht who has just doubled up Michal Misterek.

The action was started by Deyan Stanev who opened to 21,000, Misterek then re-raised all-in for 128,000 and Tobias Schwecht then re-re-raised all-in. Action was back on Stanev and he folded A♦Q♦ face-up.

Misterek: K♥K♣
Schwecht: J♣J♠

The board ran 8♥7♣4♣7♦4♥ and Schwecht, who started the day second in chips, is now the short stack with around 65,000.

2.15pm: Stolzenbach doubles
The first double up of the day has gone to Ted Stolzenbach who has doubled through Tobias Schwecht.

The Dutchman raised to 21,000, Schwecht moved all-in from the small blind and Stolzenbach snap called all-in for 184,000 total.

Stolzenbach: A♠J♦
Schwecht: Q♥[10d]

The board of [10h]8♦A♦J♣5♦ hit both players, but hit Stolzenbach harder, he's up to around 385,000 whilst Schwecht is down to 234,000.

Seated at the same table is Michael Alnahas, he told me he had queen-nine and was going to re-raise all-in had Schwecht not done so, Alnahas would've made a straight.

2pm: Play starts
Play is underway.

1.30pm: Final day about to commence

Welcome back to the final day of the Eureka Bulgaria main event which is coming to you from Grand International Casino & Hotel, Golden Sands near Varna. Yesterday the field was reduced from 86 to 13 and today someone will claim the coverted Eureka Bulgaria title.

The man looking most likely to do that is Daniel Karlson from Sweden, he leads the way with 521,500 with Tobias Schwecht and Petar Zografov his nearest challengers. Below is how the final two tables currently stand, play is scheduled to start at 2pm.

Table one

Nagy Barnabas, Hungary, PokerStars qualifier, 300,000
Slaven Popov, Bulgaria, 286,000
Andrzej Kozikowski, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, 272,000
Dennis Schaefer, Germany, PokerStars player, 317,500
Petar Zografov, Bulgaria, PokerStars qualifier, 350,000

Daniel Karlson, Sweden, 521,500

Table two

Michael Alnahas, Bulgaria, PokerStars qualifier, 152,500
Saveikis Algirdas, Lithuania, 202,500
Andrejus Jakovlevas, Latvia, 263,500
Ted Stolzenbach, Netherlands, PokerStars qualifier, 127,000

Deyan Stanev, Bulgaria, 300,500
Michal Misterek, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, 55,000
Tobias Schwecht, Germany, PokerStars player, 419,000

eurekabulgaria_Day 3_daniel karlson.jpg

Daniel Karlson leads the way

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Bulgaria:Nick Wright. Photos by Thomas Stacha.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Bulgaria