Eureka2 Bulgaria: Day 3, Level 24 - 27 updates (blinds 25,000- 50,000 ante 5,000)

eureka-poker-tour-thumb.jpg11.45pm: Petar Zografov wins Eureka Bulgaria; Algirdas Saveikis eliminated in second
Something finally had to give in this marathon heads-up battle and just like in Zagreb where there was a Croatian winner, there's a Bulgarian winner here in Varna.

Petar Zografov raised to 100,000 pre-flop and Saveikis made the call. The flop fell 6♦K♠4♠, it checked to Zografov who bet 75,000, Saveikis made it 180,000 to play, Zografov re-raised to 325,000, before his chips were in the pot Saveikis moved all-in for 1,150,000 total and Zografov made the call.

Zografov: K♦2♥ - top pair
Saveikis: 6♠3♠ - a pair and a flush draw

Yet again Zografov was all-in with the best of it but he had to fade a huge draw, the turn was the Q♣ and the Q♥ completed the board meaning that Petar Zografov is the Eureka Bulgaria champion winning €48,745 whilst, due to the deal they did earlier Algirdas Saveikis wins €51,645.

A full re-cap of the day's play will be with you shortly but from all of us here it's congratulations to Petar Zografov winner of the Eureka Bulgaria main event.

11.30pm: A break from the routine
The players have had enough of doubling each other up and have played fairly conservatively for the past 10 minutes. If anything Algirdas Saveikis has nudged the stacks slightly closer, it's now 2,200,000 plays 1,400,000 with Bulgarian Petar Zografov in the lead.

11.20pm: Petar Zografov doubles through Algirdas Saveikis
And two hands later the lead changes again...

Same pre-flop action - raise to 100,000 from Algirdas Saveikis and call from Petar Zografov. The flop was 6♦[10c]7♠, check to Saveikis who bet 115,000, raise to 240,000 from Zografov, all-in from Saveikis and call all-in for 1,095,000 from Zografov.

Zografov: Q♦[10s] - top pair, queen kicker
Saveikis: Q♣7♥ - second pair, queen kicker

The turn and river came 4♠7♠ and Zografov is back in the lead with 2,400,000 to Savikis's 1,200,000.

11.15pm: Algirdas Saveikis doubles through Petar Zografov
This heads-up event has turned on it's head once more as Algirdas Saveikis is now back in the chip lead.

He raised to 100,000 and Petar Zografov made the call, on the flop of 8♦7♥3♦ Saveikis c-bet 125,000, Zografov check-raised all-in and Saveikis made the call.

Zografov: 5♣3♣ - pair of threes
Saveikis: 5♦3♦ - straight and flush draw

The turn was the 2♦ giving Saveikis a lock on the hand and the 2♣ completed the board. It's now 2,400,000 for Saveikis and 1,200,000 for Zografov.

eurekabulgaria_day3_Algirdas Saveikis.jpg

Saveikis at the double again

11.10pm: More for Zografov
You sense Algirdas Saveikis is getting a little ticked off with how things have gone for him in this heads-up battle and he's just shown the first sign of frustration, banging a card down on the felt after losing this hand.

He raised to 100,000 and Petar Zografov made the call, the flop fell A♠J♦A♣ and Zografov check-called a bet of 50,000. The 8♦ fell on the turn and Zografov check-called a bet of 115,000. The 4♥ completed the board and both players checked, Zografov showed K♣4♣ and a frustrated Saveikis showed the K♠ as he mucked.

11.05pm: Colour up
There was a short delay whilst the remaining 1,000 denomination chips were taken out of play, chip counts are 2,400,000 plays 1,200,000 with Petar Zografov still out in front.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 25,000-50,000 ante 5,000

10.55pm: Quads!
A flurry of raises and re-raises saw the players get it all-in pre-flop and much hilarity ensued when the players turned their hands over.

Zografov: 6♦6♣
Saveikis: 6♥6♠

The flop of 2♠A♥5♠ meant that only Saveikis had a live flush draw, but that disappeared on the J♦ turn and the players chopped the pot.

10.45pm: No flops, no drops
There's been very few flops in the last 20 minutes, perhaps one, and no hand has reached fourth street.

But, Algirdas Saveikis has had the better of the pre-flop wars and he's closed the gap a little, it's now 2,100,000 to 1,500,000 in Petar Zografov's favour.

10.25pm: Petar Zogrofov doubles up
For the first time in this heads-up match there's been a change of chiplead, Bulgaria's Petar Zografov now has the lead.

First to act Algirdas Saveikis raised to 80,000, Zografov made it 180,000 and Saveikis made the call. The flop came 4♦7♠[10c], Zografov bet 100,000, Saveikis moved all-in and Zografov called all-in for 1,015,000, this was a huge pot.

Zografov: 7♣7♦ - flopped set
Saveikis: J♣9♣ - gutshot straight draw

The turn was the [10s] and Saveikis was drawing dead, the meaningless A♥ completed the board. After that massive hand, Zografov now holds a 2,400,000 to 1,200,000 chiplead.

eurekabulgaria_day3_petar zografov.jpg

Zografov has taken the chip lead

10.10pm: Saveikis fights back
In the last few hands Algirdas Saveikis has fought back. His weapons of choice have been pre-flop three-bets and post-flop c-bets. Stacks now 2,600,000 plays 1,000,000 in his favour.

10.10pm: Zografov gets paid
Peter Zografov has had the better of it since coming back from the break. He just bet 400,000 on the river of a 8♥4♦9♠A♣K♦ board and got a call, Zografov showed A♥4♠ for two pair to best Algirdas Saveikis A♥4♠. Stacks now 2,100,000 to 1,500,00, Zografov is closing the gap fast.

10pm: Deal
During the dinner break the players did a deal to flatten the payout structure somewhat. The deal they've agreed is this Algirdas Saveikis will take €51,645, Petar Zografov banks €44,745 and they've left €4,000 to play for.

Play is now back underway.

9.50pm: Side event results
There's been plenty of side event action during the festival here's a round-up of what's been going on:

Event: NLHE Highroller
Buy-in: €1850 + €150
Runners: 23
Prize pool: €41,274


1st. Florian Schottler, Germany, € 16,523
2nd. Ole Schemion, Germany, € 12,350
3rd. Roman Kagan, Israel, € 8,250
4th. Casey Kastle, Slovenia, € 4,150

eurekabulgaria_day3_florian schottler.jpg

Florian Schottler

Event: NLHE turbo freezeout
Buy-in: €200 + €20
Runners: 51
Prize pool: € 9,894


1. Marco Von Turenhout, Netherlands, € 3,554
2. Raigo Varka, Estonia, €2,250
3. Ben Wolbers, Netherlands, €1,390
4. Alexander Raikov, Bulgaria, €1,000
5. Sergey Pereligin, Russia, €700
6. Simoen Todorov, Bulgaria,€550
7. Pavel Plotnikov, Lithuania, €450

Event: PLO freezeout
Buy-in: €400 + €40
Runners: 30
Prize pool: € 11,640


1. Eftychios Georgiou, Cyprus , €4,600.00
2. David Kilmartin, Ireland, €3,140.00
3. Kristian Dobrin, Romania, €1,750.00
4. Tomas Johan Lothman, Sweden €1,200.00
5. Andrei Markov, Bulgaria, €950.00

eurekabulgaria_day3_eftychios georgiou.jpg

Eftychios Georgiou

9.15pm: Dinner break
The players had the option of a dinner break at the end of the previous level, given that Zografov was short they decided to play on. However, now that he's doubled up they've decided to take a 45 minute break. Play will resume at 10pm local time.

9.10pm: Petar Zografov doubles through Algirdas Saveikis
And we've just had the first all-in and call of heads-up play. From the button Algirdas Saveikis raised to 80,000, Petar Zografov then moved all-in for around 620,000 and Saveikis made the call.

Zografov: J♦[10d]
Saveikis: A♦Q♠

The flop of 2♥J♣8♠ gave Zografov the lead and he stayed there on the 4♦ turn and 3♣ river. The chip counts after that hand are 2,400,000 plays 1,256,000 in the favour of Saveikis.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 20,000-40,000 ante 4,000

9pm:Zografov chipping up
In the opening 15 minutes of heads-up play the pots that matter have gone Petar Zografov's way and he's increased his stack from 500,000 to 730,000. Key to that boost was the following hand

Algirdas Saveikis min-raised to 60,000 and Zografov made the call the players checked to the river on a 8♥Q♦6♥[10h]4♦ board before Zografov fired out a bet of 60,000, Saveikis called but mucked when Zografov showed 7♣5♣ for a rivered straight.

8.45pm:Ted Stolzenbach eliminated in third place (€22,050)
The run of Dutchman Ted Stolzenbach has come to an end and it's no surprise that Algirdas Saveikis was the man who took him out. From the small blind Saveikis set Stolzenbach all-in for his last 271,000 with K♠5♠ and Stolzenbach made the call with pocket twos.

The flop of [10c]9♦8♠ kept the Dutchman in front but the 5♥ turn gave Saveikis the lead and there was no two outer as the 6♥ completed the board. Still the Dutchman, playing his first major tournament in four years collects a hefty €22,050 for his third place finish.

Heads up chip counts are Saveikis 3,100,000, Petar Zografov 500,000.

eurekabulgaria_day3_ted stolzenbach.jpg

Stolzenbach - Dutch courage got him a third place finish

8.45pm: Ted Stozlenbach doubles through Algirdas Saveikis
From the button Algirdas Saveikis min-raised to 60,000, from the small blind Ted Stolzenbach looked at his cards and said: 'Ok, this is my time,' and moved all-in for 173,000, Petar Zografov folded and Saveikis called off the extra.

Stolzenbach showed Q♥J♥ which was behind to Saveikis's A♦3♦, but the flop of [10d]7♦Q♠ gave the Dutchman the lead, although Saveikis had a flush draw and a overcard making it pretty much a coinflip. The turn was the 6♣ and the 4♠ completed the board to get Stolzenbach back above the 10 big blind line.

8.35pm: Petar Zografov doubles through Ted Stozlenbach
From the button Ted Stolzenbach raised to 65,000, Petar Zografov moved all-in for 317,000 from the small blind and after Algirdas Saveikis folded, Stolzenbach made the call.

Stolzenbach: 8♣8♠
Zografov: Q♣Q♥

The board of 3♣A♣J♠J♣7♦ boosted Zografov to 664,000 whilst Stolzenbach slips to around 220,000.

8.20pm: Saveikis still in charge
There's been no real action of note in the past 20 minutes, Lithuanian Algirdas Saveikis is still in charge and he's using a mixture of bullying and finesse to extend his lead. Such as in this following hand.

Pre-flop Ted Stolzenbach raised to 60,000 on the button, Saveikis three-bet to 150,000 from the big blind and Stolzenbach made the call. On the flop of 7♣K♥3♥ Saveikis bet just 70,000, a small bet in comparison to the pot, but it was enough to make Stolzenbach fold his hand.

He's up to 2,600,000, Stolzenbach has around 600,000 and Petar Zografov has 400,000.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 15,000-30,000 ante 3,000

8pm: Chip counts
It's Ted Stolzenbach who's had the better of three-handed play so far, he's taken a bit from both other players and is up to 900,000, Petar Zografov is the short stack with 500,000 and they both trail Algirdas Saveikis who has 2,200,000.

7.50pm: Slaven Popov eliminted in fourth place (€17,300)
Talk about a bulldozer, Algirdas Saveikis just eliminated another player, Slaven Popov the victim this time.

From the button Saveikis made it 50,000 to play, Popov shoved for 360,000 and Saveikis made the call.

Saveikis: A♣7♠
Popov: K♦9♦

The board of [10c]5♦3♣[10s]7♦ kept Saveikis in front and he now has roughly 2,400,000, two thirds of the chips in play.

eurekabulgaria_day 3_slaven popov.jpg

Popov - popped in fourth

7.35pm: Michal Misterek eliminated in fifth place (€14,300)
Whoa! Sound the klaxon! Big pot alert. Algirdas Saveikis now has a massive chiplead after eliminating Michal Misterek in the biggest pot of the tournament so far.

Pre-flop Misterek made it 48,000 to go, Saveikis three-bet to 95,000 and Misterek made the call. On the flop of Q♥9♣J♥ Saveikis bet 180,000, Misterek moved all-in for over 600,000 and Saveikis instantly called.

Misterek: A♠J♦
Saveikis: 9♦9♥

Misterek was in big trouble, he got some help on the A♦ turn but couldn't make runner-runner as the 7♦ completed the board. After that hand Saveikis has around 2,000,000 of the 3,600,000 in play.

eurekabulgaria_day3 michal misterek.jpg

Misterek - chose the wrong time to shove

7.25pm: Daniel Karlson eliminated in sixth place (€11,900)
The next hand Daniel Karlson was all-in from the big blind, Michal Misterek limped from the button and Petar Zografov called from the small blind.

On the flop of 8♣A♥5♣ Zografov bet 34,000 but folded when Misterek made it 80,000 total, the Pole showed A♦5♠ which was ahead of Karlson's J♥[10s]. The turn and river were blanks and the start of day chipleader is out in sixth.

7.10pm: Petar Zografov doubles thorugh Daniel Karlson
From under-the-gun Daniel Karlson moved all-in for 371,000, it passed to Petar Zografov in the big blind an he announced call, Zografov was the at risk player, all-in for 344,000.

Zografov: A♣Q♣
Karlson: J♣J♠

The borad ran A♥[10s]8♥[10d]A♦ and Zografov's full house gave him the pot and left Karlson with just 27,000.

eurekabulgaria_day 3_daniel karlson2.jpg

Karlson - impressed everyone but lost a key flip

6.55pm: Play resumes
Just six players remain here in Bulgaria, it's Lithuania's Algirdas Saveikis who leads with 1,269,000. He has just about double second place's stack, the players ranked second to sixth are very closely bunched and it's still anyone's tournament.

Daniel Karlson, Sweden, 473,000
Algirdas Saveikis , Lithuania, 1,269,000
Slaven Popov, Bulgaria, 385,000
Ted Stolzenbach, Netherlands, PokerStars qualifier, 641,000
Michal Misterek, Poland, PokerStars qualifier, 522,000
Petar Zografov, Bulgaria, PokerStars qualifier, 374,000

eurekabulgaria_day 3_ algridas saveikis.jpg

Algirdas gives his thumbs up to the Eureka Poker tour

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Bulgaria:Nick Wright. Photos by Thomas Stacha.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Bulgaria