Eureka4 Vienna: The curtain closes on level four

Coming to the end of level four and the outside blinds (not to be confused with the ones on the table) have been brought down to reduce the heavy glare on the tournament. The piercing brightness has become a problem for players, staff, masseurs and photographers and you could almost hear a collective, relaxed sigh from everyone in the room as the light was dimmed slightly.


The main tournament area in all its magnificence.

Hopefully this won't relax Paul Berende too much though. The Dutchman explained, "I had a really deep run in the Super Tuesday [Berende made the final table and won $14,490, read more here] last night so I didn't really get any sleep and then got an early flight to Vienna this morning. It's going to be a very long day...."

He then thought for a second before adding, "Or a short one..."

Those words proved to be prophetic as Berende would be eliminated soon after - the silver lining being he'll be able to have a good night's sleep!

Jannick Wrang, who won the European Poker Tour event in Campione back in Season 8 when he beat Olivier Busquet heads-up, has joined fellow EPT winner Michael Eiler as one of the front-runners. The Danish player, who has a hyper-aggressive style is up to 63,000 already.


The Hofburg Palace is arguably one of the most stunning locations to ever hold a poker tournament.

Although everyone will have their eye on the title in this event, there is some added incentive in making sure you're at all the Eureka Poker Tour events this year. The winner of the Season 4 Leaderboard will be awarded a €5,300 entry to an Season 11 European Poker Tour event while the runner-up will gain a €1,100 to a Season 5 Eureka Poker Tour event. Even if you were to finish third then you'd still garner a €530 online tournament ticket. Sergei Popov topped the Leaderboard for Season 3 but who will it be this year?

Tournament Updates

- Registration has now closed for Day 1A

- A total of 457 players have entered today with even more expected tomorrow.

- Blinds are now 150/300 with a 25 ante.

- Latest exits include: Daniel Pidun, Stephen Schalk, Herman Andert, Hugo Lemaire, Daniel Tighe and Andert Gerhard.

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Season 4