Eureka4 Vienna: The great search for a chip leader

After a delightful dinner at the nearby Cafe Central (where both Sigmund Freud and Leon Trotsky were regular customers) I came back in search of the post-dinner chip leaders. The men and women who had begun to build mountainous castles in tribute to the size of the palace that they were now temporary residing in (as well as tributes to their own skill/good fortune - delete as applicable)

Yesterday's attempts to ascertain the biggest stacks had not proved too tricky, the rapidly shrinking field with two or three stacks already close to the magic 200,000 mark made the work fairly easy.


Mario Reyes Navarro

Today was an entirely different prospect. There were still nearly 500 players involved but that wasn't really the issue, the fact was that as I scanned the tables one-by-one there weren't really any stacks over 100,000, let alone close to 200,000. Moving around more frantically, was it really the case that Zimnan Ziyard and Max Pescatori's 80,000 a-piece had made them the co-chip leaders? Were we heading for something along the lines of the first ever ten-way-joint-chip-leaders?

Worries subsided as, having already weaved my way through around 80% of the tables left, I suddenly found several players all healthily over the 100,000 mark in the last part of the tournament floor that was unexplored. Mario Reyers Navarro who is sitting with 150,000 looks to be the current chip leader. He's slightly ahead of Pawel Czartoryski, a PokerStars qualifier quietly getting on with the day's proceedings, the latter has 132,000.


Pawel Czartoryski

The players behind them are a bit more bunched up Michael Sollfrank (115,000),
Hans Mager (105,000) and Alessi Donato (100,000) were all fairly close around the 100,000 mark. With so many stacks tightly packed in the middle, it could make the remaining two levels very unpredictable...

Tournament Update:

- Less than 450 players remain from the initial 975
- Several PokerStars Team Pros remain including Henrique Pinho, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Max Lykov, Eugene Katchalov as well as Team Online players Mickey Petersen and Dale Philip.
- Level nine, blinds are now 500/1,000
- Play will finish at the end of level ten.
- Players who won't be coming back tomorrow include Stefan Raab, Alexander Dovzhenko, Uwe Ziegler, Jens Nilsson, Robert Cezarescu, Mihai Manole, Kevin Vandersmissen, Roberto Romanello, and Griffin Benger

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Season 4