Eureka4 Rozvadov: A round with Michael Eiler

I'm going to level with you people, this blog, on occasion, likes to promote PokerStars-affiliated players. Now, I know that may seem shocking to you but I swear it is the truth. Usually around this time of the tournament, it's nice to do a round with a PokerStars sponsored player. Unfortunately, the only player today is Natalie Hof and she's on the feature table which unfortunately isn't the easiest to get to.


Former EPT winner Michael Eiler

Instead, this post will focus on table 2 which features former EPT winner Michael Eiler as well as German grinder Marius Pospiech and Serbian pro Ognjen Sekularac. The full table is as follows:

Seat 1: Kevin Barkow
Seat 2: Tasho Sehitaj
Seat 3: Vit Blachut
Seat 4: Ognjen Sekularac
Seat 5: Michael Eiler
Seat 6: Oana Longo
Seat 7: Sven Neuburger
Seat 8: Omer Cubukcu
Seat 9: Jan Bures
Seat 10: Marius Pospiech

Hand 1:
Sven Neuburger started with the button. Kevin Barkow raised to 1,300 and won the blinds and antes.

Hand 2:
Ognjen Sekularac raised to 825 before Michael Eiler made it 2,150. Sekularac called the three-bet before check-folding to a 2,050 bet on a 6♥K♠8♠ flop.

Hand 3:
Oana Longo and Marius Pospiech limped in middle position and the small blind respectively but both folded when Barkow made it 3,150 in the big blind. Barkow showed Q♥Q♣.

Hand 4:
Omer Cubukcu raised to 1,200 and Tasho Sehitaj made the call in the big blind. The flop came 7♦J♣K♠ and Sehitaj check-raised Cubukcu's 1,300 bet to 3,500. Cubukcu called to see the 6♥ on the turn. Sehitaj checked again and Cubukcu bet 7,500, this time winning the pot.

Hand 5:
Jan Bures raised to 950 and Sehitaj called. The flop was 2♣7♥8♣ and Sehitaj check-called a bet of 1,000. The same pattern occurred on the 3♠ turn to the tune of 1,500. Sehitaj then fired 3,800 on the A♠ river but Bures made the call. Sehitaj quickly mucked and Bures won the pot without showdown.


Marius Pospiech getting ready to use a hadouken

Hand 6:
Longo raised to 800 preflop and Marius Pospiech moved all in for 3,100. Longo made the call with A♣T♣ but couldn't beat Pospiech's J♠J♦ on a 6♠8♥8♦7♣5♥ board.

Hand 7:
Cubukcu raised to 800 preflop but quickly folded when Pospiech moved all in for 7,250.

Hand 8:
Cubukcu limped for 400 preflop but folded showing the A♣ when Barkow made it 1,850 behind him. Barkow showed the A♥.

Hand 9:
Sekularac raised to 1,000 from the cutoff, before Neuburger made it 3,100 in the big blind and the Serbian called. Neuburger check-called a bet of 2,200 on the T♠4♦8♥ flop before both players checked the J♥ turn. Neuburger then fired a 6,000 bet on the 3♥ river and Sekularac tanked for a couple of minutes before calling. Neuburger shook his head and showed A♦Q♥ and Sekularac picked up the pot with 6♣4♣.

Hand 10:
Bures raised to 825 preflop and was called by Sehitaj and Sekularac. The flop was T♠9♣8♠, Bures bet 1,200, Sehitaj folded but Sekularac raised to 3,000. Bures made the call. The turn was the K♦ and Bures checked while Sekularac bet 3,800. Bures then check-raised to 8,100 and Sekularac made the call. The river was the Q♣ and Bures bet 6,500 which Sekularac called. Bures showed T♥T♣ for a flopped set and Sekularac flashed Q♥T♦ having made two pair on the river.


The players of Table 2

At the end of the round, Eiler was up from 23,000 to about 25,000, Pospiech had improved from just 3,500 to 10,000 while Sekularac had dropped from roughly 15,000 to just 4,000.

Tournament Update

- Players are now on a one-hour dinner break
- 200 players remain (out of 301 entries today)
- There will be four more levels when play restarts at 9:35pm

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Rozvadov