Eureka4 Rozvadov: Biggest ever standalone event

With the final number in as 493, this makes Eureka Rozvadov the biggest ever standalone Eureka Poker Tour event. Eureka Prague and Eureka Vienna both attracted over a thousand runners with 1,315 and 1,432 respectively but both were part of lengthy European Poker Tour festivals and not the focal point for many players. What is also impressive is the fact this event is being held at the end of May when many players have already gone off to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker or are saving themselves for the UKIPT in sunny Marbella next week.


Grigore Boroica

Rozvadov also held the previous standalone record of 421 when Bart Lybaert picked up €115,000 winning Eureka3 Rozvadov last March. Interestingly, despite featuring prominently on the Eureka tour and producing a healthy percentage of the players, no Czech player has ever won a Eureka Poker Tour Main Event, could this change on Tuesday? In terms of numbers, Germany has the most with 191 while Poland has 58 and the Czech Republic sent 56 players.

There will be 71 places paid a minimum of €1,840 with the Eureka4 Rozvadov winner receiving a whopping €93,600 (and don't forget the prize pool includes a €7,000 overlay). A full list of the prizes will appear shortly on the widget to the right of this page.


Muharem Hoti

Meanwhile in the tournament, Grigore Boroica is the current chip leader with 170,000, no-one looks close to the green-shirted Romanian, the nearest stack being Muharem Hoti who has about 110,000.

Tournament Update

- 132 players remain out of 301
- Players are playing level 9 (500/1,000/100)
- Recent eliminations include Frank Broderdorf, Giorgos Chrysanthou, Ramon Bartsch, Andreas Papageorgiu, Athanasios Fergiatakis, Oliver Frey, Thorsten Weiss, Michael Coufal and Tobias Wagner

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Rozvadov