Eureka4 Rozvadov: Dining well after six levels

Going into the dinner break, it looks as though Tamás Tomozi is chip leader at the break with around 70,000. Tomozi is that rare beast, a player with what appears to be a completely empty set of live results. Not that it matters, everyone has to start somewhere, right?


The tournament is in full swing

Bert Geens is also doing well so far, the Belgian player is up to 60,000. He has a few live tournament wins under his belt including one in Namur worth €18,000. Also going well (and it will come as no surprise) is Eureka4 Vienna winner Zoltan Gal. The Hungarian player has chipped up to around 55,000. While winning the last event in Vienna, it's almost important to point out that Gal also went deep in Eureka3 Prague finishing 19th out of 1,315 runners there. Can he navigate a smaller field as successfully?

Doing less well is Pieter de Korver. He's down to his final 5,000 chips after he made a big bluff with a whiffed flush draw but got called by a worse flush draw that rivered a pair.


Ivo Donev

Finally, sitting on around 40,000, is a man who needs little introduction - Ivo Donev. Third on the Austrian All Time Money List, Donev is a stalwart of the European poker scene with a long list of cashes that stretches back 15 years. He has had good results in Eureka too, making the final table of Eureka3 Bulgaria for €9,200.

For all these players, there's still a long way to go in this tournament. The same cannot be said of the High Roller which has just seen a winner. Mihai Niste of Romania defeated the German Marius Gierse heads-up to win the tournament and €31,200 while Gierse will have to be content with €22,500 that he gets for being the runner-up.


Mihai Niste, winner of the High Roller Event

Tournament Update

- Players are now on dinner break
- 133 players remain from the 192 that entered today
- There will be four more levels after the dinner break
- When play restarts the blinds will be 300/600 with a 75 ante

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Rozvadov