Eureka4 Rozvadov: Free money!

Everyone loves value, why do you think they call it a value bet? It's a price that's too good to refuse and at the moment there looks to be some excellent value here in Rozvadov. There are now 286 entries for Day 1B, which combined with the 192 players that entered on Day 1A means that the total number of players at the moment is 478.


Marius Pospiech is praying for a good run of cards

With the guarantee standing at €500,000, this represents an overlay of €22,000 at this point. So if you like free money and, correct me if I'm wrong but I believe you do, then now is your chance to get down to Rozvadov and register for the tournament as there certainly is value here at the moment. Registration is open until the end of the break after level four meaning you have until about 6:35pm local time. Remember also, that King's Casino is providing a free buffet for the whole day . So that's free money and free food and drink, what more do you want?

Meanwhile in the tournament, like a yo-yo it's been a mixture of ups and downs for some of the more well-known players. Marius Pospiech (13,500) and Michael Eiler (15,000) are both sharing a table still but neither seems to have got anything going. Friend of PokerStars Natalie Hof (30,000) is doing much better on the feature table, seemingly winning every hand she plays. Finally, Blazej Przygonewski, the Polish youngster who finished third at Eureka4 Vienna for €98,210 will not be repeating his deep run here in Rozvadov, he has been eliminated.


No back-to-back deep runs for Blazej Przygonewski this time

Tournament Update:

- 286 players have entered today so far
- There is currently a €22,000 overlay in this tournament
- Recent exits include Goran Curic, Maksim Trubitsyn, Matej Sisan, Joshua Marquardt, - Adrian Ionescu, Fabrice Somers, Sven Marc Moller, Philipp Klaas, Dennis Wilke, Marco Freese and Konstantinos Kotsaridis

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Rozvadov