Eureka4 Rozvadov: Level 14-16 updates (2,500/5,000 ante 500)

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8.53pm: Dinner break
Players are now on a one-hour dinner break.

8.46pm: Jens Winkler bubbles Eureka4 Rozvadov
In the end, there was nothing more Jens Winkler could do. There looked to have been at least nine all-in showdowns but every single one saw either a split pot or the short stack doubling up. In the end, Winkler was all in as Sascha Achim Ranzinger and Mateusz Martewicz checked down a 6♣2♦A♥9♣T♦ board.


Jens Winkler takes his leave

Razinger showed K♥Q♦, Martewicz flipped over T♠8♠, Winkler just needed to better this but he could only show Q♣3♠. With that, the 90-minute bubble is over and everyone else is now in the money.

8.33pm: Two more double-ups
No-one is looking sadder than Jens Winkler at the moment. First Nessim Alberto Dayan doubled through Bert Geens with A♠J♦ against 9♠2♠ after the money went in on the turn of a 3♣J♥9♠6♠8♣ board. Then Michael Passy doubled through Zoltan Gal with A♥K♥ against A♠8♣, Passy flopping a king. Winkler has three antes, can he survive?

8.24pm:Winkler ready to jump the sharks
Jens Winkler looks to be the shortest stack remaining. The German just had the blinds pass through him and he has 2,000 remaining - four antes.


You can cut the tension with a knife (or equivalent tension-cutting apparatus)

8.14pm: Always aces
"We have an all-in and a call," said tournament director Luca Vivaldi, "the all-in player has aces..."

"They always have aces!" shouted an annoyed person from another table.

This time it was Petr Subik with A♥A♦ who doubled up through Josef Gulas' A♣Q♦ after a blank board. We're about halfway through level 16 here and it looks as though this bubble will be lasting a little while yet.

8.10pm: No breakthrough
The bubble is still going on strong, Ilie Smintanca-Januszewski just doubled up to 45,000 when he shoved for his last 22,000 from the button with A♥K♥. Raf De Wever called in the big blind with A♠8♥ but there were no surprises on the 4♠K♥J♦5♣T♥ board.

7.52pm: Level up
Blinds are now 2,500/5,000 with a 500 ante. There will be a one-hour dinner break at the end of this level.

7.30pm: Three showdowns, no exits
Tasho Sehitaj doubled up through Zoltan Gal, check-calling three streets with aces on a 4♠9♥Q♦6♣9♣ board against the Hungarian's pocket sevens. Jan Przysucha and Athanasios Fergiatakis split a pot after both got their chips in with ace-ten on a T♥9♠2♥ flop. Finally Kevin Barkow doubled up with kings against Bert Geens' six-seven, Barkow hit a third king on the turn for good measure.

7.10pm: Azan bubbles the bubble
Victor Azan moved all in for 21,000 over the top of Tomasz Gluszko's initial 8,000 raise. Gluszko made the call with 6♥5♦ and Azan's A♥K♥ was ahead but the board came a topsy-turvy 6♦3♥5♥8♠J♠ as Gluszko made two pair to knock out the Frenchman. The tournament is breaking a table and going hand-for-hand.

6.56pm: Chip leaders
Raf De Wever Belgium  355,000
Grzegorz Tryba Poland  335,000
István Briski Hungary 305,000
Benjamin Rummler Germany  290,000
Josef Gulas Czech Republic  285,000
Oliver Bosch Austria  280,000
Milan Tomasz Rabsz Poland  PokerStars Qualifier 270,000
Mateusz Martewicz Poland  260,000
Martin Meciar Slovakia PokerStars Qualifier 240,000
Grigore Boroica Romania 235,000


Raf De Wever

6.48pm: Level up
Blinds are now 2,000/4,000 with a 500 ante.

6.23pm: Break time
Players are on a 25-minute break due to a chip race and the feature table being changed.

6.15pm: Recent eliminations
Bartolomiej Totos, Johannes Kissel, Florian Schmotzer, Daniel Melten, Jan Bendik, Martin Kabrhel and Jeremi Stepinski are the most recent exits.


Martin Kabrhel was eliminated just before the bubble

6.02pm: Briski's aces do the trick
Colin Lovelock's tournament is over. He was all in with 8♥8♦ against Istavan Briski's A♣A♠ but the board came Q♣5♥K♥2♣4♦ and Briski moved up over the 300,000 mark.

5.45pm: De Wever on top
Raf De Wever looks to be the current chip leader with 310,000, just ahead of PokerStars Qualifier Beatrix Wolfsberger who has 270,000. At the other end, well-known Czech pro Martin Kabrhel is one of the short stacks with just 30,000 while compatriot Ondrej Lon is the latest player to have been eliminated.

5.32pm: Jambor doubles through Passy
A crucial double up for Christian Jambor who moved all in for 32,700 over the top of Michael Passy's initial 6,000 raise. Passy gave him a spin with Q♥J♦ but Jambor's A♥K♦ held film on a K♥Q♣T♣7♦6♠ board. Jambor moved up to 70,000 while Passy dropped to 120,000.

5.20pm: The bubble is looming
With just 92 players remaining and level 14 just beginning, the tournament is now just 20 exits from the money. There will be 71 players paid a minimum of €1,840 while the winner will receive €93,600. The full list of payouts are here.


Zoltan Gal, who won Eureka4 Vienna, is among the players still in the tournament

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