Eureka4 Rozvadov: Level 20-23 updates (12,000/24,000 ante 3,000)

6.07pm: Break time
Players are now on a 15-minute break. The rest of the tournament updates will appear in a new post here.

6.05pm: Petr Subik eliminated in 12th place (€6,050)
There will be no Czech winner of this Eureka Poker Tour event. Petr Subik was all in with 6♥6♠ against Michael Passy's A♠Q♦ on the feature table but the board came J♠A♣9♥2♣8♥ to make Passy the best hand.

5.52pm: Meciar freerolls, Wolfsberfer triples up
Beatrix Wolfsberger moved all in for 128,000 from the cutoff. Dawid Mysiewicz min-reraised on the button before Martin Meciar moved all in from the small blind. Mysiewicz folded.

Wolfsberger: K♦K♣
Meciar: J♥J♦

The board was 6♣Q♣8♣9♣5♠ and Wolfsberger tripled up, moving to almost 400,000. Meciar freerolled by virtue of the fact he picked up Mysiewicz min-reraise amount.

5.43pm: Grigore Boroica eliminated in 13th place (€6,050)
Grigore Boroica has been knocked out, of course it would be his bogeyman Dawid Mysiewicz that was the assassin. Boroica pushed over the top of a Mysiewicz raise with A♦T♥ but the chip leader held Q♠Q♦ and the board came 8♦4♣8♥2♠T♣.

5.39pm: Josef Gulas eliminated in 14th place (€5,250)
PokerStars Qualifier Sascha Ranzinger opened to 61,000 from the button, Josef Gulas moved all in from the big blind for 127,000 and Ranzinger made the obligatory call.

Gulas: A♥9♥
Ranzinger: A♠7♠

The board came 2♣7♥Q♠4♥Q♣ and Ranzinger spiked his three-outer to eliminate the Czech player.

5.29pm: Mysiewicz finds the ace from space
PokerStars Qualifier Dawid Mysiewicz has won the biggest pot of the tournament so far. Grigore Boroica opened preflop to 48,000 and was called by PokerStars Qualifier Sascha Ranzinger. Mysiewicz then squeezed to 168,000 out of the blinds, Boroica tanked for two minutes before moving in and Ranzinger folded. Mysiewicz thought for a minute then called off the rest of his stack.

"Go one time!" said Boroica, turning over K♦K♣, Mysiewicz flipped A♣K♠.

The flop came A♦9♣8♦ and the Pole jumped into the chip lead, the Q♦ teased Boroica with the nut flush draw but the 6♠ on the river meant Mysiewicz doubled up to 1.4 million in chips. Boroica was left with 200,000.


PokerStars Qualifier Dawid Mysiewicz is the new chip leader

5.15pm: Stay of execution
Beatrix Wolfsberger moved all in for her last 63,000 with A♦J♥ and was called by Christian Jambor's A♥Q♣. Wolfsberger looked to be heading out of the door but she spiked on the river of a 6♠8♣7♣7♠J♣ board to stay alive.

5.08pm: Level up
Blinds are now 12,000/24,000 with a 3,000 ante.

5.06pm: Oliver Bosch eliminated in 15th place (€5,250)
Oliver Bosch moved all in from the button and it was passed to PokerStars Qualifier Martin Meciar who made a quick call in the big blind.

Bosch: A♣5♥
Meciar: 9♥9♠

The board came 6♠4♠K♠9♠K♦, Meciar made a full house and Bosch was knocked out in 15th place.

4.53pm: Anna Karatassiou eliminated in 16th place (€4,650)
Anna Karatassiou moved all in for her last 107,000, Christian Jambor called and everyone else folded.

Karatassiou: A♥7♦
Jambor: A♣K♠

The board came J♣J♦A♦9♥4♥ and Jambor's king kicker was enough to end the dream for the Greek lady.


Anna Karatassiou

4.40pm: Martewicz speaking the truth
Josef Gulas had fired a 50,000 bet on a K♦A♥Q♦ flop with Mateusz Martewicz check-calling. Both players checked the T♣ turn before Martewicz bet 120,000 on the river.

Gulas picked up 120,000 and turned to his opponent saying, "Do you want a call?"

"Yes," replied Martewicz.

Gulas raised his eyebrows a little but made the call. Martewicz showed J♥T♦ for the flopped straight and won the pot.

4.31pm: Redraw
Table Seat Name Country Status
1 1 Michael Passy Belgium
1 2 Martin Meciar Slovakia PokerStars Qualifier
1 3 Michael Eiler Germany  PokerStars Qualifier
1 4 Ismail Kalkan Germany 
1 5 Bert Geens Belgium
1 6 Petr Subik Czech Republic 
1 7 Marko Mikovic Serbia
1 8 Oliver Bosch Austria 

2 1 Anna Karatassiou Greece
2 2 Christian Jambor Germany 
2 3 Beatrix Wolfsberger Austria  PokerStars Qualifier
2 4 Dawid Mysiewicz Poland  PokerStars Qualifier
2 5 Grigore Boroica Romania
2 6 Sascha Ranzinger Germany  PokerStars Qualifier
2 7 Mateusz Martewicz Poland 
2 8 Josef Gulas Czech Republic 

4.20pm: Tomasz Klaczynski eliminated in 17th place (€4,650)
PokerStars Qualifier Dawid Mysiewicz opened to 40,000 preflop from the button and Tomasz Klaczynski moved all in from the big blind, Mysiewicz called instantly.

Mysiewicz: A♣Q♥
Klaczynski: A♥T♦

The board came K♠Q♦5♠4♠2♣ and the tournament was down to its final 16 players. Out of the first eight exits, five have been Polish - only two are left. There is now a two-table redraw.


Tomasz Klaczynski

4.11pm: Subik doubles up
Petr Subik moved all in from the button for 231,000 and Bert Geens called in the big blind with A♣5♦, Subik showed A♥J♣

The flop came Q♦A♦T♣, "That's not a good flop," said Geens, although a ten now would give him a chop.

The 5♠ came on the turn to put Geens ahead but he remained unconvinced, "It's not over yet..."

Indeed it was not and the J♥ to make Subik a better two pair, doubling up to about 480,000.

4.01pm: Tim Eulenbach eliminated in 18th place (€4,150)
A short-stacked Tim Eulenbach shoved all in over the top of Oliver Bosch's raise. Eeulenbach had A♥K♦, Bosch was priced in with 9♣7♣ and managed to flop two pair to win on a K♣9♦7♠J♠4♥ board.

4.00pm: Chip counts
Grigore Boroica Romania 1,260,000
Bert Geens Belgium 1,083,000
Mateusz Martewicz Poland  835,000
Ismail Kalkan Germany  794,000
Michael Passy Belgium 722,000
Martin Meciar Slovakia PokerStars Qualifier 713,000
Christian Jambor Germany  693,000
Oliver Bosch Austria  523,000
Marko Mikovic Serbia 517,000
Michael Eiler Germany  PokerStars Qualifier 446,000
Sascha Achim Ranzinger Germany  PokerStars Qualifier 442,000
Josef Gulas Czech Republic  366,000
Dawid Mysiewicz Poland  PokerStars Qualifier 364,000
Beatrix Wolfsberger Austria  PokerStars Qualifier 297,000
Petr Subik Czech Republic  233,000
Tomasz Klaczynski Poland  174,000
Anna Karatassiou Greece 172,000
Tim Eulenbach Germany  127,000

3.57pm: Level up
Blinds are now 10,000/20,000 with a 3,000 ante.

3.40pm: Break time
Players are on a 15 minute break.

3.38pm: Gregorz Wyraz eliminated in 19th place (€4,150)
In the last hand before the break, Gregorz Wyraz moved all in for 175,000 from the button and Michael Eiler called in the big blind. Wyraz showed T♥9♣ to Eiler's K♦Q♣ but neither hit the 5♠A♦6♣8♠2♣ board and Eiler moved up to 430,000.

3.23pm: Clash of the big stacks imminent?
Bert Geens and Grigore Boroica both have over a million in chips now and are sitting next to one another. Will the two play a real monsterpotten? The closest to anything resembling action saw a J♣T♠8♥ flop but Boroica folded 3♣3♠ face up to a 50,000 bet from Geens.

3.08pm: Tomasz Gluszko eliminated in 20th place (€4,150)
The chips went flying in on an A♥J♥T♣ flop between PokerStars Qualifier Tomasz Gluszko and Grigore Boroica. Gluszko had A♦K♣ but Boroica had flopped the nuts with K♦Q♠. The 9♠ turn and 7♦ river changed nothing and Boroica moved up to about 800,000.


Grigore Boroica

3.05pm: Big double for Passy
Michael Eiler opened to 32,000 preflop before Michael Passy made it 68,000 behind him. Eiler four-bet to 117,000 and Passy moved all in, Eiler sighed, "Really?" and made the call.

Eiler: Q♥Q♦
Passy: A♠A♦

The board came 8♠5♠8♣5♦6♥ and Passy doubled up to around 700,000. Eiler was left with just over 300,000.

2.56pm: Raf De Wever eliminated in 21st place (€3,650)
Raf De Wever had shoved all in for 138,000 on a T♣9♠2♦ board and Tomasz Gluszko tanked for several minutes before deciding to make the call.

De Wever: 8♦7♥
Gluszko: K♠J♦

The 4♣ on the turn and T♠ river made no difference and Gluszko won the pot with king-high.

2.50pm: Gulas doubles up
Josef Gulas just won a flip for 440,000 after his 7♥7♣ beat Grigore Boroica's A♣K♦ on a 7♦2♦6♥T♠9♣ board. Boroica was left with a similar amount after the hand.

2.43pm: Level up
Blinds are now 8,000/16,000 with a 2,00 ante.


Always good to have position

2.38pm: Kurt Herrmann eliminated in 22nd place (€3,650)
Like buses, the eliminations have come in threes, no sooner had Tryba been knocked out on table 2 than Kurt Herrmann had made a stand on the feature table with pocket jacks. PokerStars Qualifier Beatrix Wolfsberger made the call with ace-queen and flopped a queen and that was all she wrote for the Swiss player.

2.32pm: Grzegorz Tryba eliminated in 23rd place (€3,650)
Grzegorz Tryba had lost a coin flip with ace-ten to Petr Subik's pocket sevens which the Polish player short-stacked. Tryba pushed his remaining chips in with 6♦6♣ but found a caller in PokerStars Qualifier Sascha Achim Ranzinger who held A♣9♠. The board came 8♦7♦K♣9♣4♥ and that spelled the end for another of the Poles.

2.22pm: Milan Tomasz Rabsz eliminated in 24th place (€3,200)
Milan Tomasz Rabsz was all in preflop with J♠J♥ against Grigore Boroica's 9♠9♦ and looking good for a double up but the board came 2♥2♦K♦K♠9♥ and Boroica rivered a full house to eliminate Rabsz and boost his own stack to 650,000.

2.15pm: Klaczynski doubles up

Tomasz Klaczynski moved all in for 78,000 preflop and Mateusz Martewicz made the call in late position.

Klaczynski: A♣T♣
Martewicz: K♥Q♥

The board came J♣2♣9♦3♥3♣ and Klaczynski made a flush to double up to around 180,000. Martewicz was left with just over 400,000.

2.00pm: Day 3 is underway
The tournament has begun and will be playing down to the final table of eight players.

1.55pm: Welcome to Day 3 of Eureka4 Rozvadov
The players are just taking their seats here at King's Casino and the tournament should be underway in about five minutes. Bert Geens is the overnight chip leader and is the only player over the 1 million chip mark. There are 37 minutes left of level 20 and the seat draw is here.


Bert Geens leads the Day 3 field

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Rozvadov