Eureka4 Rozvadov: Raab wins biggest pot of the tournament so far

Just before the end of the last break, Stefan Raab won the biggest pot of the day so far to move himself up to clear chip leader with 167,000.

The flop was reading Q♠8♠T♠ and Benjamin Hugel had fired a bet of 3,800. Raab raised to 12,500 before Hugel responded by three-betting to 25,800. Raab opted to just call to see the 5♥ on the turn - a seemingly blank card.


Stefan Raab debates whether or not to call Benjamin Hugel's all-in on the turn

Hugel moved all in for his remaining 37,350 and Raab had to think for a little while before he eventually called with J♣9♣ for a flopped straight. Raab's instincts proved to be correct as Hugel was semi-bluffing with A♠6♣. The river was the J♥ which changed nothing and Hugel was eliminated meaning Raab picked up a 140,000 chip pot that makes him the clear chip leader. The German has only two live cashes to his name but both came here in Rozvadov and at the moment, he's looking very good for a third.


Stefan Raab, your current chip leader

Elsewhere in the person closest to usurping Raab as the chip leader is Jan Stanek. The Austrian is comfortably in second place with 132,000 and looking relaxed as anyone else in the tournament. Surprisingly, it does not appear as though many other players have managed to make it into six-figures just yet despite the average stack being over 50,000 at this point.


Jan Stanek is currently in second place

Elsewhere it appears as though we've lost several of the big names as neither Pieter de Korver or Ivo Donev appear to still be in the tournament. Eureka4 Vienna winner Zoltan Gal is looking particularly glum, like a boy who has just had all the balloons burst at his birthday party. The Hungarian player is down to 24,000. Also in the "Not doing quite as well as they had been earlier" camp is Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hruby. He looked to be the chip leader after the first few levels when he hit 50,000 very early on but since then it's clear that the Hruby bandwagon has suffered from a stalled engine with the Czech player stuck on 35,000.

Tournament Update:

- The last level of the day is about to commence (600/1,200 with a 200 ante)
- Just 75 players remain from the initial 192
- The average stack at this point is 51,200
- Latest casualties include: Georgy Karachaushev, Roman Dohnal, Igor Salomasov, Antonino Karman, Igor Rybak, Sergey Topchiy, Hermann Schweiger, David Torok, Tomasz Chmiel, Christian Achhammer and Radoslaw Morawiec

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Rozvadov