Eureka4 Rozvadov: Using an image

"Image is everything" or so they say, a youngster with oversized headphones, a colourful hoodie and a slightly overconfident manner is less likely to see his raises respected than say the average forty-something.

Perhaps that is one of Jan Bendik's less obvious strengths. There is nothing obviously flashy about him but you have to respect a man who won the EPT Season Nine Player of the Year ahead of such well-known figures as Steve O'Dwyer and Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden. Like Konstantin Puchkov or Chris Bjorin, Bendik has a quiet, unassuming air about him that belies a keen poker mind and €1,000 events are his speciality.


Jan Bendik - camouflaged assassin

Bendik has three wins to his name in side events at EPT Deauville, London and Monte Carlo as well as numerous final tables in others, he's first on the Slovakian all-time money list with over $1.9 million - more than a million ahead of Dag Palovic in second place. To add to that, he's made two EPT final tables in Prague and San Remo winning €100,000 and €170,000 respectively, so perhaps a more honest mantra would be that "appearances can be deceiving".

Other than Bendik, the field definitely seems to be a little more pro-heavy (as one would expect). Blazej Przygorzewski, who finished 3rd at Eureka4 Vienna for €98,210 was spotted at the far end of the poker room as was former WSOP champion Pius Heinz. (A question running around the media room was whether Pius Heinz' $8.9 million in winnings was more than everyone else playing today combined.)


Pius Heinz

Michael Eiler and Marius Pospiesch are sharing a table. Eiler, the former EPT Vienna champion, finished 52nd for €4,000 at Eureka Vienna and will no doubt be hoping for a similar deep run. Anthony Ghamrawi is also playing today, the Austrian finished second at EPT Vienna in March for €446,481.

Tournament Update

- The tournament is about halfway through Level 2 (50/100)
- 277 players have entered so far, registration is open until the end of level 4
- Exits so far: Louis Hicks, Bartosz Piesiewicz, Roland Meissl, Tobias Matuschek, Reinhard Foidl, Ivan Skorospelkin, Vladimir Schwarz, Kasra Pour Khomamy, Jochen Pany and Massimo Fuina

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Rozvadov