Eureka4 Rozvadov: Hungry like the wolf

If you're a regular follower of the Eureka Poker Tour then you'll already know the drill by now. The start of Day 2 sees the first deluge of exits as players drop faster than 26 year-old rockstars. Traditionally, play then slows down for the bubble before speeding up once everyone has made the money. At the moment, the tournament is still in the first part of that three-stage transition with 47 out of the 151 players having already fallen in the first two levels (nearly a third of the remaining field).


PokerStars Qualifier Beatrix Wolfsberger

PokerStars Qualifier Beatrix Wolfsberger has become the new chip leader with 285,000. First she eliminated fellow qualifier Marco Heuser then a short while later she got involved in a four-bet pot against PokerStars Player Hubert Malyszka. Wolfsberger had called a bet of 8,500 on a 5♦9♣J♠ flop before pushing all in over the top of 16,000 bet from Malyszka on the A♣ turn. The Polish player called with A♠K♠ but found himself behind to Wolfsberger's A♥J♥. A 5♦ on the river made no difference and Wolfsberger, who unusually stacks her chips in 10's, took the chip lead. Wolfsberger leads ahead of Jan Przysucha (225,000), István Briski (205,000) and Anthony Ghamrawi (195,000).


Jan Przysucha

Other players who have been knocked out so far include Pundjabi Vishal, Murat Erturk, Philipp Lutkemeier, Oguz Cenk, Petr Hlavacek, Vladislav Shuravin, Thomas Steinbicker, Martin Rejman, Michal Ozimek, Denis Chiginev, Laszlo Matyi, Sebastian Langrock, Azmi Korkmaz, Leonie Pol and Peter Boros.

Tournament Update

- 104 players remain
- 71 places are being paid a minimum of €1,840
- The bubble is expected to burst in either level 14 or 15

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Rozvadov