Eureka4 Rozvadov: Level 29 updates (50,000/100,000 ante 10,000)

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8.26pm: PokerStars Qualifier Martin Meciar wins Eureka4 Rozvadov! (€87,600); Michael-David Passy eliminated in 2nd place (€65,000)

With Michael-David Passy short stacked, the Belgian was aggressive from the get-go. He managed to shove Martin Meciar off one hand but in the third hand of heads-up play, Passy shoved over the top of a Meciar limp and was instantly called.

Passy: 8♥5♥
Meciar: Q♥Q♣


Michael-David Passy

The flop came J♥4♠8♣ and Meciar improved to a pair as well as picking a couple of backdoor draws. The 3♠ on the turn was a total brick - a great card for the Slovakian player. Passy needed a five or an eight on the river to double but the K♦ meant that it was Martin Meciar who would become the winner of the biggest ever standalone Eureka Poker Tour event!

A full recap of the final table is here.

8.20pm: And we're off!
The players are now in their and seats. The two have agreed a deal, Martin Meciar is taking €77,600 and Michael-David Passy gets €65,000 and they are playing for €10,000.


Martin Meciar

7.59pm: Heads-up counts
There is going to be a short break before the battle for the title commences.

Martin Meciar - 8,125,000
Michael-David Passy - 1,610,000

7.53pm: Beatrix Wolfsberger eliminated in 3rd place (€42,300)
Martin Meciar raised to 200,000 in the small blind and Beatrix Wolfsberger moved all in. Meciar called instantly.

Wolfsberger: J♣9♣
Meciar: A♣T♥
The board helped neither player coming 4♣5♥2♠Q♠Q♣ meaning that Meciar now has a big chip lead heads up.


Beatrix Wolfsberger

7.45pm: Passy's limp reraise fails
Michael-David Passy limped in the small blind and Martin Meciar made it 260,000 in the big blind. Passy then reraised to 505,000 and Meciar made the call.

The flop was 8♣4♥9♣ and Passy bet 270,000. Meciar made the call to see the A♦ on the turn where Passy bet 420,000 but again Meciar called. The river was the 5♠ and both players checked, Passy showed J♦3♦ but he'd been outflopped by Meciar's 9♦6♦.

7.39pm: More for Meciar
Martin Meciar raised to 200,000 and was called by both Beatrix Wolfsberger and Michael-David Passy. The A♠6♠6♣ flop was checked to Meciar who bet 230,000 and won the pot.

7.35pm: Level up
Blinds are now 50,000/100,000 with a 10,000 ante.

Martin Meciar - 5,300,000
Beatrix Wolfsberger - 1,300,000
Michael-David Passy - 3,100,000


Michael-David Passy

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Day 4