Eureka4 Vienna, Day 2: An orbit with Max Lykov

When watching Team PokerStars Pro Max Lykov, you instantly get the impression that this is a man who isn't happy if he's not involved in a hand. Lykov always wants to be in the pot and if people are not prepared to make a stand then he can easily overwhelm a table thanks to sheer aggression. With that it mind, it was time to watch a round of play featuring the Russian's table.

Seat1: Johann Johannsson, Iceland, PokerStars player
Seat 2: Gernot Formanek, Austria, PokerStars player
Seat 3: Pietro Sibione, Germany, PokerStars player
Seat 4: Torsten Brinkmann, Germany, PokerStars player
Seat 5: Marko Kolega, Croatia, PokerStars qualifier
Seat 6: Maxim Lykov, Russia, Team PokerStars Pro
Seat 7: Peter Kamaras, Hungary, PokerStars player
Seat 8: Damian Dabrowski, Poland, PokerStars qualifier
Seat 9: Robert Vishnudatt, Netherlands, PokerStars qualifier


Team PokerStars Pro Max Lykov

Hand 1:
Lykov raised to 3,200 from the button and picked up the blinds.

Hand 2:
Brinkmann raised to 3,500 and Lykov made the call. The flop was K♣J♦A♥ and Brinkmann bet 3,500. Lykov made the call to see the Q♣ on the turn where both players checked. The river was the Q♠ and Brinkmann checked again, Lykov bet 10,200 and the German thought for a good minute before eventually folding.

Hand 3:
Brinkmann raised to 3,500 preflop and Lykov made the call again. Peter Kamaras raised to 11,500 and it was passed back to Brinkmann who four-bet to 19,500. Lykov folded and Kamaras made the call. The flop was 6♦A♦Q♠ and Brinkmann check-folded to a bet of 10,500 from his opponent. Kamaras showed the 2♥.

Hand 4:
Lykov raised to 3,200 and Formanek defended in the big blind. The Austrian quickly check-folded to a 2,200 bet from Lykov on a 3♣A♥3♦ flop.

Hand 5:
Lykov raised to 3,200 and was called by Kamaras and Johannsson before Sibione moved all in for 25,600. Everyone folded.

Hand 6:
The blinds were raised to 1,000/2,000 with a 300 ante. Vishnudatt raised to 4,700 from middle position, Johannsson made it 10,000 behind him. Vishnudatt moved all in for a total of 21,700 and Johannsson quickly called with A♠K♠ but the Dutch player held A♦A♥ and doubled up on a K♣3♣6♠5♥6♥ board.


Arguably the most beautiful location ever to hold a poker tournament

Hand 7:
Lykov raised to 4,000 from UTG and Sibione called on the button. Lykov check-called a bet of 5,300 on the 2♦3♠6♦ flop before both player checked the A♠ turn. Lykov also checked the 4♥ river but called Sibione's 13,500 bet. The German turned over 5♣5♥ for a rivered straight to win the pot.

Hand 8:
Torsten Brinkmann moved all in from the button and won the blinds.

Hand 9:
Formanek raised to 4,000 from middle position before Lykov made it 9,400 in the small blind. Formanek immediately moved all in for about 50,000 and Lykov instantly folded.

Lykov finished the orbit with about 50,000 in chips.

Tournament Update:

- PokerStars Team Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier has been knocked out.
- Other big names to have been eliminated include Manig Loeser, Ludovic Geilich, Petar Zografov, Sotirios Koutoupas, Kevin Stani and Christopher Day
- Blinds are now 1,000/2,000 with a 300 ante
- 215 places will be paid, around 315 players remain

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Vienna