Eureka4 Vienna, Day 2: The big names are tumbling

There are two known facts when reporting on a poker tournament, Day 1B is always bigger than Day 1A and at no point do players bust out quicker than at the start of Day 2. With two levels down, 111 players have been eliminated which represents over a quarter of the field.


Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske was recently eliminated

There were lots of high profile exits including Luca Moschitta, Rinat Bogdanov, Kevin MacPhee, Full Tilt Poker Ambassadors Jonathan Karamalikis and Andras Nemeth, Team Online's Mickey Petersen, PokerStars Team Pros Marcel Luske and Max Lykov.

Dominik Panka, winner of this year's PokerStars Carribean Adventure, is still in with about 170,000. Also still in is Michael Eiler (150,000) who won EPT Vienna back in Season 7, this is clearly a city he likes to play in.


PokerStars player Mateusz Warowiec is currently second in chips

With around 70 eliminations to go before they reach the money the chip leaders are Blazej Przygorzewski, a PokerStars qualifier with 397,000, PokerStars player Mateusz Warowiec (396,000) who was chip leader on Day 1B and Christian Chardron of France (360,000).

Tournament Updates

- 288 players are left in the tournament, 215 get paid
- Level 13, blinds are 1,200/2,400 (300)
- We're expected to hit the bubble in level 14
- As the money bubble is approaching I'll now be switching to more traditional tournament coverage.

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Vienna