Eureka4 Vienna: Day 3 level 21-24 updates (15,000/30,000 ante 4,000)

4.30pm: Break time
That's the end of level 24. A new post will contain levels 25 to 28 here

4.27pm: Mizinski eliminated
Damian Mizinski is out. He pushed for 450,000 with ace-five over the top of Simeon Spasov's initial raise. Spasov called with ace-nine and the board came 3-3-7-T-8, Spasov's kicker making all the difference.

4.15pm: Ziyard doubles, Beeri out
Zimnan Ziyard just doubled up through Christian Bauer, calling all in on an A♠8♠K♥ flop. Bauer tabled K♠T♣ but Ziyard's A♥9♣ stayed ahead on the 6♣ turn and J♥ river and the Englishman doubled up to about 750,000.

Ori Beeri is out in 23rd place after he had pushed with K♣T♣ against Simon Fleischer's 8♠8♦, Fleischer suviving the a flopped gutshot on the A♣J♥5♠4♦4♣ board.


Ori Beeri

3.50pm: Paris increases lead
The first hand after the redraw saw Bryan Paris increase his chip lead after he knocked out Roman Korenev. The Russian had four-bet all in with ace-jack against Paris' three-bet but the American had ace-king. There was a jack on the flop but the queen on the turn made broadway for Paris, 23 players are left.

3.36pm: Two exits equals three tables
Ward de Bruyn moved all in for about 180,000 from the button and Markus Stoger made the call in the big blind. De Bruyn showed a behind-but-live Q♠2♦ to Stoger's A♠[4]. Neither hit the board and the Dutch player was sent packing.

Almost exactly the same time, Mikhail Karapanos was all in with 7♥7♣ against Christian Bauer's A♥T♣ but Bauer spiked an ace on the A♣5♦6♥8♣K♣ board. This means just 24 players are left and there is a brief pause as the tables are redrawn.


The exits keep rolling in

3.20pm: Level up, blinds 15,000/30,000 ante 4,000

3.15pm: Over for Kaufmann
David Kaufmann has been knocked out by the new chip leader Bryan Paris. Paris won a flip with 4♠4♣ aginst Kaufmann's A♦K♠ and now has about 2.6 million, just ahead of Sangkhadech Fremming's 2.5 million. Do Chung Tran has also been eliminated meaning there are 26 players left.

3pm: Kusters last stand
Sven Kusters pushed over the top of Sangkhadech Fremming's initial raise to 50,000. The Danish player thought briefly then made the call with 3♦3♠, flipping against Kusters' K♠Q♣. The board came 3♥2♥8♣T♥K♦ - Kusters made a pair but it was too late after Fremming flopped a set.

2.45pm: Payouts so far today
30. Antony Hallam United Kingdom €5,570
31. Igor Salomasov Russian Federation €5,570
32. Stjepan Jokic Austria €4,780
33. Dmitry Yurasov Russian Federation €4,780
34. Horst Riedlinger Austria €4,780
35. Ilya Gorodetskiy Russian Federation €4,780
36. Pawe? Czartoryski Poland €4,780
37. Tudor Purice Romania €4,780
38. shlomi Elimeleh Israel €4,780
39. Aleksandar Lalovic Serbia €4,780
40. Mantchev Franyzis Bulgaria €4,000
41. Carter Swidler Canada €4,000
42. Daniel Stacey United Kingdom €4,000
43. Denis Chiginev Russian Federation €4,000
44. Eli James Heath United Kingdom €4,000
45. Marko Kolega Croatia €4,000
46. Mario Re Italy €4,000
47. Bence Paris Hungary €4,000
48. Milan Šimko Czech Republic €4,000

2.30pm: Chip counts
Markus Stoger 2,235,000
Blazej Przygorzewski 1,575,000
Martin Mydlarik 1,510,000
Michail Karapanos 1,500,000
Zoltan Gal 1,375,000
David Kaufmann 1,338,000
Bryan Paris 1,315,000
Sangkhadech Fremming 1,300,000
Zimnan Ziyard 1,250,000
Erik Scheidt 1,150,000
Simon Fleischer 1,075,000
Matyas Boros 1,006,000
Simeon Spasov 1,000,000
Andreas Freund 1,000,000
Robert Malinowski 953,000
Stavros Kalfas 930,000
Roman Korenev 900,000
Joao Brito 845,000
Christian Bauer 825,000
Stefan Schillhabel 670,000
Ward De Bruyn 550,000
Benjamin Pollak 500,000
Valentino Konakchiev 480,000
Damian Mizinski 470,000
Max Pescatori 375,000
Ivan Sebeledi 280,000
Sven Kusters 225,000
Do Chung Tran 150,000
Antony Hallam 70,000


Markus Stoger

2.20pm: Level up, blinds 12,000/24,000 ante 3,000

2.05pm: Break time
Players are on the first 15-minute break of the day.

2pm: Huge double for Karapanos
Michail Karapanos raised to 40,000 from the button before Zimnan Ziyard made it 102,000 in the small blind. Karapanos responded by four-betting to 240,000. Ziyard moved all in and Karapanos quickly called.

Ziyard: A♦3♦
Karapanos: Q♠Q♣

The board came K♦J♣6♥J♠K♠ and Karapanos doubled to 1.4 million while Ziyard dropped to 1 million.

"Why couldn't you have tens?" asked Ziyard.

1.45pm: Gal makes quads, Jokic makes an exit
Zoltan Gal's J♦J♠ just sent Stjepan Jokic to the rail. The latter held A♦5♦ but never had a chance on the 4♥J♥7♠4♠J♣ board.

1.38pm: Przygorzewski leads
Blaze Przygorzewski is back at the top, the Polish PokerStars qualifier has 1.9 million in chips - ahead of anyone else. Aleksandar Lalovic, Tudor Purice and Pawel Czartoryski have all been eliminated.


Blaze Przygorzewski

1.25pm: Gorodetskiy out
Last night Ilya Gorodetskiy joked to us that he was meant to be doing the Russian commentary for on the Eureka final table and that would be difficult if he was on there. Sadly for him, he does not need to worry about that any more. Gorodetskiy has just been knocked out, he held A♣T♥ against Markus Stoger's J♣J♠ with the board coming Q♦7♦7♠7♣9♦.

1.05pm: Level up, blinds now 10,000/20,000 ante 3,000

12.57pm: Elimeleh loses flip
Shlomi Elimeleh is out, he held 6♠6♦ but lost out to Simon Fleischer's A♦J♣ after a J♠Q♥K♥J♦4♠ board.

12.41pm: Swidler eliminated
Carter Swidler just took a beat, he was all in with T♦T♣ against Sangkhadech Fremming's Q♦8♦ but the board came K♠3♠Q♣A♦5♠. Swidler was eliminated and Fremming added more to his stack. Mantchev Franyzis has also been knocked out, his J♠T♠ couldn't beat Igor Salomasov's Q♦Q♠.


The Hofburg Palace

12.36pm: More exits
Marko Kolega is the next player out. He pushed with pocket threes but couldn't beat Robert Malinowski's pocket sevens. Eli Heath, Denis Chiginev, and Daniel Stacey have followed him out of the door.

12.18pm: Re done
Mario Re has become the latest victim of PokerStars qualifier Blazej Przygorzewski. The latter check-raised all in over the top of a 200,000 bet on a 7♥A♠8♦ board and Re called off his stack with A♦K♦. Przygorzewski turned over A♣8♣ which held on the 3♠ turn and Q♣ river. The Polish player who was chip leader for much of yesterday now has about 1.5 million.

12.14pm: Paris-on-Paris action
Bence Paris was the first casualty of the day, moving all in with A♦T♦ but found Bryan Paris (no relation) behind him with J♣J♥. A board reading 5♥J♠A♥8♣4♠ left just a single Paris standing.

12pm: Day 3 has begun
Our remaining 47 players have taken their seats and the cards are in the air.

11.55am: Full Tilt Poker Flipout Freeroll!
There's an EPT Vienna Main Event seat up for grabs in Sunday's free tournament celebrating the launch of Full Tilt Poker's new Flipout Tournaments. Registration for the live Flipout freeroll will be open all day tomorrow (Saturday) at the Hofburg Palace - from 11am until 10pm. All you have to do is head to the Hofburg, pick up a ticket and hope your name is drawn in the lottery tomorrow night. The seat draw will be announced at 11.10 am on Sunday, just 20 minutes before the event starts at 11.30 am. So do make sure you're there if you want the chance of competing.

69 players will be selected in the lottery, alongside Full Tilt Poker and Team PokerStars representatives - making 81 players in total. Full Tilt Poker Professionals Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom are among the 12 star players set to compete as well as Team PokerStars Pros Eugene Katchalov and Martin Hruby plus Team PokerStars Online members and Full Tilt Poker Ambassadors.

The live Flipout Tournament will work slightly differently to the online version with three tables flipping at the same time to produce three winners. This will happen three times - producing nine players in total, all instantly "in the money". All nine finalists are guaranteed prizes - including a €5,300 EPT Main Event seat for first place. If you're already got your EPT Vienna seat, then you'll get your €5,300 reimbursed!

11.42am: Getting ready for Day 3
The players are just starting to move into the Hofburg palace for Day 3 of the Eureka Poker Tour main event which starts at noon. Elsewhere, there is already over 200 players for the two-day €2,200 Eureka High Roller tournament which also starts at 12pm


Sangkhadech Fremming

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Vienna