Eureka4 Vienna: Day 3 level 25-28 updates (40,000/80,000 ante 10,000)

10.35pm: Break
The players are on a 15-minute break. Levels 29-32 will appear here

10.30pm: Guess what? It's Freund's turn
Christian Bauer opened to 205,000 in the small blind and Andreas Freund flat-called in the big blind. Bauer fired bets of 150,000 and 275,000 on the flop and turn of a 9♥5♦J♠7♥ board before checking the 2♣ river. Freund called both bets and when Bauer checked on the end, Freund moved all in for 1.225 million.

Bauer thought for several minutes, quite perplexed and finally made the call. Freund turned over A♣A♥ for a pair of very slowly played aces and Bauer was forced to show 9♦8♦. Bauer dropped to 2 million and Freund moved up to 4 million as a result.

10.20pm: And now for Paris
Bryan Paris raised to 160,000 preflop. Blazej Przgorzewski made the call on the button and Christian Bauer called in the big blind. The flop was A♠2♠T♥ and Bauer checked to Paris, the American betting 250,000. Przgorzewski and Bauer both made the call to see the J♥ on the turn.

This time it was checked to Przgorzewski who bet 550,000. Bauer tanked and folded but Paris check-raised all in for 1.94 million - he was snap-called.

Paris: K♥Q♣
Przgorzewski: A♣T♣

The Pole had flopped two pair but Paris had turned a straight, the latter simply needed to avoid an ace or ten which he did successfully on the 6♣ river. It was a huge double up for Paris who moved up to 5.3 million, Przgorzewski dropped to 4.1 million.


Bryan Paris

10.10pm: Gal's turn to double
It was passed around to Blazej Przgorzewski in the small blind and he set big blind Zoltan Gal all in. Gal called instantly with A♠A♦ and Przgorzewski turned over T♥8♦. The board was not without scares for the Hungarian coming 7♣J♠8♥J♣3♦ but he managed to double up to 1.7 million. Przgorzewski dropped to 6.7 million

10.05pm: Updated counts
Seat 1: Christian Bauer - 3,400,000
Seat 2: Andreas Freund - 1,940,000
Seat 3: Robert Malinowski - 3,675,000
Seat 4: Markus Stoger - 5,900,000
Seat 5: Stavros Kalfas - 1,060,000
Seat 6: Bryan Paris - 2,500,000
Seat 7: Erik Scheidt - 1,650,000
Seat 8: Blazej Przgorzewski - 7,800,000
Seat 9: Zoltan Gal - 700,000

9.55pm: Bauer survives
Christian Bauer moved all in for 1.69 million over the top of Blazej Przgorzewski's initial 160,000 raise. The Polish chip leader asked for a count and then, satisfied, made the call.

Bauer: 9♦9♠
Przgorzewski: A♦Q♥

The flop came down 9♥T♠A♣ and Bauer jumped out of his chair and celebrated loudly.

"It's not over yet guy," said Przgorzewski with a smile.

The K♥ gave the latter some outs and Bauer looked on more nervously, "Oh dear, I celebrated too loudly..."

The 5♥ on the river doubled Bauer up and the tournament is still one exit away from finishing for the night.


Christian Bauer

9.45pm: Kalfas doubles up
Stavros Kalfas moved in for his last 600,000 preflop and Zoltan Gal made the call with A♣8♦. The Greek player showed A♠A♥ again, only this time it held on a J♦7♦T♣3♣6♦ board.

9.35pm: Level up, 40,000/80,000 ante (10,000)

9.25pm: Redraw
Players are redrawing on a single table. The tournament will continue until one player is eliminated and the final table is set.

Seat 1: Christian Bauer
Seat 2: Andreas Freund
Seat 3: Robert Malinowski
Seat 4: Markus Stoger
Seat 5: Stavros Kalfas
Seat 6: Bryan Paris
Seat 7: Erik Scheidt
Seat 8: Blazej Przgorzewski
Seat 9: Zoltan Gal

9.15pm: Simeon Spasov eliminated in 10th place (€15,040)
Simeon Spasov raised to 125,000, he was called by Andreas Freund before Markus Stoger made it 275,000 in the big blind. Spasov then four-bet to 510,000, Freund folded and Stoger called.

The flop was 5♠7♥6♠ and Stoger check-called a bet of 460,000. The K♥ came on the turn and Stoger checked a second time, Spasov moved all in for 1,345,000 and the German was left tanking for about seven minutes.

Finally he made the call with A♥9♥ for a gutshot and flush draw. He was actually ahead as Spasov held A♦8♥ for a straight draw. The Q♥ made Stoger the nut flush to win a huge pot, Spasov was knocked out in 10th position.

9pm: Joao Brito eliminated in 11th place (€15,040)
Portguese player Joao Brito moved all in from UTG with nines. Blazej Przgorzewski picked up queens in the small blind and quickly reraised all in. There were no surprises on the board and ten players were left.

8.45pm: Aces cracked again
Oh, those bullets can be fatal. Kalfas opened to 130,000 preflop, Bryan Paris made it 270,000 behind him. Kalfas came back over the top with a four-bet to 455,000 and Paris moved all in. An instant call.

Paris: 8♣8♥
Kalfas: A♠A♣

The board came T♦5♦Q♠8♦K♥ and Paris picked up a 4 million chip pot, Kalfas was left with just 600,000.

8.38pm: Important double for Kalfas
Stavros Kalfas has been in the thick of the action early on. He managed to increase his stack to 1.24 million before raising to 135,000 from middle position. Blazej Przgorzewski checked his cards and then moved all in. Kalfas called instantly.

Kalfas: A♠K♣
Przgorzewski: A♦Q♣

The board came J♥9♥9♣5♥6♥ to double up Kalfas. Przgorzewski still has 6.5 million remaining.

8.25pm: Level up, blinds 30,000/60,000 ante 10,000
The players are back in their seats knowing they are three eliminations from the final table.

7.27pm: Chip counts
Blazej Przygorzewski 7,280,000
Robert Malinowski 4,190,000
Simeon Spasov 2,910,000
Markus Stoger 2,910,000
Erik Scheidt 2,565,000
Christian Bauer 2,230,000
Bryan Paris 2,045,000
Zoltan Gal 1,495,000
Joao Brito 1,180,000
Stavros Kalfas 830,000
Andreas Freund 795,000


Robert Malinowski

7.10pm: Dinner break
Players are now on a 75-minute dinner break. A full chip count will follow.

7.05pm: Przygorzewski unloads the clip
Another big pot for Blazej Przygorzewski, who check-raised Erik Scheidt's 100,000 bet to 350,000 on a 6♣8♣7♣ flop. Scheidt called and then called another 450,000 on the 7♦ turn. Przygorzewski then bet 1.15 million on the river and it was enough to finally make Scheidt fold.

6.51pm: Matyas Boros eliminated in 12th place (€13,400)
Matyas Boros' hopes of a Lazarus-like comeback have been quickly extinguished. He was all in with K♠7♦ but was dispatched by Simeon Spasov's T♠T♣.


Matyas Boros

6.43pm: Kings crack aces in huge pot
Matyas Boros opened to 100,000 before Zoltan Gal made it 240,000. Simeon Spasov cold four-bet to 375,000 and the action was folded back to Boros who moved all in. Gal quickly called all in and Spasov folded.

Boros: A♦A♥
Gal: K♣K♠

The board came 4♠K♦T♥J♠5♥. Gal doubled up to 2.75 million while Boros was left with a paltry 150,000.

6.35pm: Paris five-bets all in
Joao Brito opened to 100,000 from middle position before Bryan Paris made it 250,000 in the blinds. Brito four-bet to 450,000 and Paris responded by moving all in for around 1.6 million. Brito folded quickly leaving himself with 1.6 million while Paris moved back up to 2.1million.

6.25pm: Very quiet
Since the blinds went up, there's been very little in terms of action. All the remaining players have over a million in chips (~20BB) and with the average being 47 big blinds at this stage, it could be a while before we see another exits.

6.10pm: Level up, blinds 25,000/50,000 ante 5,000

6.07pm: Przygorzewski wins huge pot
Blazej Przygorzewski is over the 5 million mark now. He just had a 1.05 million bet paid off on the river of a Q♦J♦7♣Q♥8♠ board by Bryan Paris. Przygorzewski turned over Q♣J♣ for a full house and Paris flashed ace-queen. The American was left with just a million chips remaining after the hand.


Blazej Przygorzewski

6.03pm: Ivan Sebeledi eliminated in 13th place (€13,400)
Please slow down guys, it's a run up two flights of stairs and through countless poker players to get to the main tournament room! Ivan Sebeledi moved all in for his final 265,000 and Robert Malinowski made the call with A♥8♦. Sebeledi could only show A♠3♣ - the board gave the short stack no hope though, coming K♠A♣T♥6♦4♥.

5.57pm: Theodoros Aidonopoulos eliminated in 14th place (€12,020)
The exits are continuing to come thick and fast. Aidonopoulos was the latest, he held 8♥8♣ against Erik Scheidt's 9♦9♠ and the board came 3-5-4-2-J, improving neither player.

5.50pm: Stefan Schillhabel eliminated in 15th place (€12,020)
A short-stacked Stefan Schillhabel had moved all in for about 100,000 over a raise. Robert Malinowski reraised all in behind him and everyone else folded.

Schillhabel: Q♥J♦
Malinowski: A♣K♥

The board came 6♥K♠T♥4♣T♣ and just 14 players were left.

5.45pm: Simon Fleischer eliminated in 16th place (€10,630)
After finding his flop bet raised by Blazej Przygorzewski on a 3♥T♦9♥ board, Simon Fleischer made a big all in move for 1.7million. Przgorzewski made the call with J♥T♥ and Fleischer showed A♥Q♣. The 6♣ turn and 9♦ changed nothing, Przgorzewski regained the chip lead as a result.

5.35pm: Two table redraw

Name Table Seat
Simeon Spasov 1 1
Andreas Freund 1 2
Stefan Schillhabel 1 3
Robert Malinowski 1 4
Markus Stoger 1 5
Matyas Boros 1 6
Ivan Sebeledi 1 7
Zoltan Gal 1 8

Blazej Przygorzewski 2 1
Erik Scheidt 2 2
Joao Brito 2 3
Theodoros Aidonopoulos 2 4
Stavros Kalfas 2 5
Christian Bauer 2 6
Bryan Paris 2 7
Simon Fleischer 2 8

5.25pm: Like buses
A spate of exits has seen the tournament drop down to just two tables of eight players. First Zimnan Ziyard raised and then called off his stack with A-J against Joao Brito. The latter held K-J but the flop came Q-T-9 and Ziyard couldn't find a king to make a higher straight.

Chip leader at the start of the day Sangkhadech Fremming was next out, he lost a coinflip with ace-queen to Christian Bauer's pocket tens.

Finally, Max Pescatori pushed from the button with queen-jack but ran into jacks in the big blind. Ziyard and Fremming pick up €9,240 for their 19th and 18th places respectively while Pescatori made the next pay jump and receives €10,630.

5.10pm: Konakchiev caught on the river
After losing a couple of big pots Valentino Konakchiev was all in preflop with Simeon Spasov and Christian Bauer having called. Both players checked the Q♦4♥K♠ flop before Spasov check-called a 75,000 bet on the 6♠ turn. Spasov then led for 385,000 on the 7♥ river and Bauer made the call with A♣Q♠. Spasov turned over 7♦7♠ and Konakchiev threw his K♦6♦ into the muck.

Afterwards, Bryan Paris told me he'd folded nine-seven suited - Spasov had hit the case seven on the river to scoop.

4.50pm: Pollak finished
Another player down and this time it's Frenchman Benjamin Pollak who was all in with A♦3♣ against Blazej Przygorzewski's A♠4♣. The Pole flopped a four and that was all she wrote for Pollak who finished in 21st place winning €7,850.

4.45pm: Updated chip counts
Markus Stoger 3,500,000
Bryan Paris 3,100,000
Erik Scheidt 2,700,000
Simeon Spasov 2,700,000
Christian Bauer 2,000,000
Simon Fleischer 1,650,000
Matyas Boros 1,550,000
Stavros Kalfas 1,550,000
Blazej Przygorzewski 1,100,000
Robert Malinowski 1,025,000
Theodoros Aidonopoulos 950,000
Ivan Sebeledi 900,000
Valentino Konakchiev 800,000
Zimnan Ziyard 780,000
Andreas Freund 750,000
Sangkhadech Fremming 660,000
Joao Brito 600,000
Max Pescatori 550,000
Zoltan Gal 540,000
Stefan Schillhabel 400,000
Benjamin Pollak 200,000

4.40pm: Level up, blinds 20,000/40,000 ante 5,000
Just 21 players remain in the biggest ever Eureka Poker Tour event. Markus Stoger is the chip leader with about 3.5 million while Bryan Paris is a close second. To check out earlier updates click here


Bryan Paris

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Vienna