Eureka4 Vienna: Day 3 level 29 updates (50,000/100,000 ante 10,000)

11.20pm: Christian Bauer eliminated in 9th place (€17,960)
Christian Bauer raised preflop to 200,000 and quickly pushed all in when Blazej Przgorzewski reraised him in late postion. The Polish PokerStars qualifier made a quick call.

Bauer: Q♠Q♣
Prgorzewski: A♦K♦

The classic race.

Bauer looked good after the J♦4♣3♣ but when the A♥ came on the turn, the German's head sunk onto the table. The 2♠ on the river made no difference and the final table was set.

A full wrap of today's play will follow.


Christian Bauer - 9th

11.10pm: All quiet
After a fairly action-packed last level, things have slowed right down once more. Erik Scheidt looks to be the shortest stack only 1 million left. Will we see an all-in soon?

10.50pm: Level up, 50,000/100,000 ante 10,000
The final nine players are back in their seats, just one more exit is needed for the day to end. The chip counts are as follows:
Seat 1: Christian Bauer - 1,775,000
Seat 2: Andreas Freund - 3,915,000
Seat 3: Robert Malinowski - 3,050,000
Seat 4: Markus Stoger - 5,810,000
Seat 5: Stavros Kalfas - 1,270,000
Seat 6: Bryan Paris - 5,250,000
Seat 7: Erik Scheidt - 1,260,000
Seat 8: Blazej Przgorzewski - 3,500,000
Seat 9: Zoltan Gal - 2,200,000


Markus Stoger

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Vienna