Eureka4 Vienna: Eureka Vienna smashing all the records

"Packed to the rafters" is a phrase that would aptly describe the Eureka Poker Tour Vienna event. Fortunately, the ceilings are very high so it's a metaphorical expression rather than a literal one in this case. The numbers here at the Hofburg Palace continue to increase with 860 players being the latest number of entries on the official board next to registration. Eureka Vienna is now officially the biggest ever Eureka event - staff are now hoping for closer to 1,500 runners in total rather than 1,400...


The main tournament room in Hofburg Palace is packed.

Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske is one of a number of players who are in the downstairs room, which will be the first area to break but it's the spectacular main tournament room that really holds the cream of the crop. Team PokerStars Pro Henrique Pinho was one of the latest players to take his seat in there while his fellow Team Pro Michael Keiner was just meeting a couple friends by registration before heading into the tournament area. Team Online's Mickey Petersen is another sitting amongst the sea of tables that have completely swept the floor.


The players are still joining this record-breaking event.

Elsewhere Antoine Saout and Nicolas Cardyn are just two players of a sizeable French turnout while Vitaly Lunkin is one of the large number of Russians who have made the trip to Vienna. Full Tilt Ambassadors Hana Soljan and Andras Nemeth are also taking their shot, as are UK PokerStars players Simon Deadman and Jack Ellwood. Max Pescatori and Salvatore Bonavena are perhaps the most well-known players from Italy and former UKIPT winner Sergio Aido is flying the Spanish flag.

Tournament Update:

- There are currently 860 players playing on Day 1B
- Registration is open until the end of the break after level four
- This is now officially the biggest ever Eureka Poker Tour event
- There is a 75-minute dinner break after level seven
- Players eliminated so far are Yaniv Kaikov, Samuel Vousden, Erasmus Hoffmann, Yaki Hevron, Michel Leibgorin, Dimitar Bashov, Nessim Chocron and Georges Sultanem.

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Vienna