Eureka4 Vienna: Final table player profiles

Seat 1: Andreas Freund, 25, Vienna, Austria - 4,515,000
Andreas Freund studies Spanish and Journalism but is a professional Omaha and Hold'em cash game player as well. He started playing poker in 2007 and began playing full time a year later. He bought in directly for the Eureka Poker Tour Main Event and has already beaten his biggest tournament cash from November 2013 when he won a €1,000 event in Seefeld for €17,630.


Andreas Freund

Seat 2: Robert Malinowski, 49, Poland, PokerStars qualifier - 3,305,000
The oldest player at the final table, Robert Malinowski has poker as a hobby, while also running a business. No matter what happens this will be his biggest ever result. He'll be supported here by his wife here in the Hofburg. He made a quite impressive comeback on Day 2 starting the last level with only 12 big blinds and finished with ten times that amount.


Robert Malinowski

Seat 3: Markus Stöger, 44, Vienna, Austria - 5,495,000
Markus is a self-employed gastronome and a recreational poker player. He started playing poker in cash games but these days mainly focuses on tournaments. His best result was back in 2010 when won a €250 event in Vienna for €30,600.


Markus Stöger

Seat 4: Stavros Kalfas, 32, Thessaloniki, Greece, PokerStars Player - 1,050,000
Hailing from Thessaloniki, Stavros Kalfas is a 32 year-old professional poker player. Previously he was one of PokerStars' "Greek Challengers". Kalfos mostly plays tournaments, both online and live. He has finalled the Sunday Warm-Up four times, winning it twice while live he has cashed in the EPT three times and also chopped the €2,000 side event at EPT San Remo for €90,000 back in 2010.


Stavros Kalfas

Seat 5: Bryan Paris, 28, Huntington Beach, USA, PokerStars player - 5,430,000
Bryan Paris is still waiting for his first six-figure score in a live event but his online results prove that he is very experienced player. Bryan Paris has won more than $6.6 million online with more than half of it on PokerStars. He needs to finish in at least 6th to record his biggest ever live cash. This will be his first final table experience in a live tournament.


Bryan Paris

Seat 6: Erik Scheidt, 26, Rostock, Germany, PokerStars Player - 950,000
Erik Scheidt is a computer specialist and plays poker recreationally. Last year he finished 5th place in the Berlin Cup at EPT Berlin taking home €31,000 - his biggest cash so far. Outside of poker, Scheidt enjoys playing football.


Erik Scheidt

Seat 7: Blazej Przygorzewski, 22, Poznan, Poland, PokerStars qualifier - 5,430,000
Playing only his third live event ever, 22-year old Blazej Przygorzewski knows very well what it is like to be a winner - he is a three-time Polish champion in sailing. and now he hopes to break through in poker. Przygorzewski has played poker online for three years with his biggest cash being about $17,000.


Blazej Przygorzewski

Seat 8: Zoltan Gal, 27, Hungary, PokerStars qualifier - 2,245,000
It is another deep run for Zoltan Gal who finished 19th in the Eureka Prague Main Event three months ago. He has played poker for five years, mostly online high stakes cash games. He calls himself a semi-pro and has been trying to succeed in live tournaments for two years. This final table appearance is his best so far, surpassing a $27,000 cash in Las Vegas.


Zoltan Gal

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Vienna