Eureka4 Vienna: Level 33-35 updates (175,000/350,000 ante 50,000)

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8.55pm: Zoltan Gal wins Eureka4 Vienna (€208,655) Andreas Freund eliminated in 2nd place (€174,655)
It's all over for the biggest ever Eureka Poker Tour event! In a hand that neither was going to get away from Zoltan Gal raised to 750,000 from the button before Andreas Freund made it 1.95 million in the big blind. Gal did not take much time in declaring "All in," and Freund quickly called.

Freund: 8♦8♥
Gal: T♦T♥

The 6♣7♠7♦ flop was very safe for the Hungarian player. The K♥ on the turn meant Freund needed to hit one of the two black eights on the river if he was to stay alive. The river was the 6♥ and Freund was knocked out in second place.

Congratuations to Zoltan Gal! A full wrap of today's Final table is on the way.


Zoltan Gal - winner of Eureka4 Vienna

8.50pm: Gal runs a bluff
Andreas Freund raised to 700,000 from the button with Q♦J♦, Zoltan Gal made it 2 million straight with T♣6♣. Freund made the call to see a 3♦4♥A♠ flop. Gal continued with a bet of 1.6 million and Freund quickly folded. Gal moved up to almost 20 million while Freund was left with about 8 million.

8.40pm: Making a deal
The last ten minutes or so have mostly been the two players negotiating a deal. Zoltan Gal will take home €198,655 and Andreas Freund will be getting €174,655 with €10,000 for the winner.
Zoltan Gal - 17,100,000
Andreas Freund - 11,325,000

8.30pm: Freund coming back strong
Zoltan Gal raised to 700,000 preflop with 7♦4♦. Andreas Freund three-bet to 2.125 million and Gal was forced to fold again.


Andreas Freund

8.15pm: Freund gaining ground
Zoltan Gal raised to 700,000 preflop with J♥T♠ and Andreas Freund made it 1,925,000 with A♠5♦. Gal thought briefly but folded.

8pm: Level up, 175,000/350,000 ante 50,000

7.45pm: Heads up for the title!
Zoltan Gal 20,750,000
Andreas Freund 7,675,000

7.23pm: Break
The players are taking their scheduled 20-minute break slightly early.

7.22pm: Blazej Przygorzewski eliminated in 3rd place (€98,210)
Having dwindled down to 1.9 million chips, Blazej Przygorzewski moved all in from the small blind with 6♠5♠. Zoltan Gal called very quickly with K♦9♣

The flop came 8♦7♥6♥ and Przygorzewski jumped ahead, Gal needed to hit a king, ten or five to retake the lead. The Hungarian player couldn't manage it on the 3♦ turn but the 5♥ river made Gal a straight to knock out the former chip leader in third.


Blazej Przygorzewski

7.13pm: Chop it up
Blazej Przygorzewski moved all in for 2.725 million with A♣6♣ over the top of Andreas Freund's initial 600,000 raise with A♥5♥. The Austrian got a count and made the call. The board came 2♦T♥7♠T♦8♦ meant the two players were chopping up the pot.

6.57pm: Freund doubles through Przygorzewski
Andreas Freund moved all in for 5,295,000 preflop with Q♥8♠ from the button. Blazej Przygorzewski got a count before making the call with A♥J♦ and Gal quickly folded.

The flop came 8♣9♠7♠ and Freund jumped ahead, the 7♣ on the turn didn't change anything and neither did the K♣ on the river. Freund is back over the 10 million mark and Przygorzewski dropped to 4.6 million.

6.50pm: Gal still in charge
Zoltan Gal raised to 600,000 with Q♥T♥ and Andreas Freund made it 1,500,000 from the blinds with A♦2♦. Gal called to see a 6♠2♥K♥ flop. Freund continued with a 1,400,000 bet but quickly folded when Gal shoved.

6.30pm: Level up, 150,000/300,000 ante 50,000
Zoltan Gal 12,000,000
Andreas Freund 11,000,000
Blazej Przygorzewski 5,000,000


Andreas Freund

6.24pm: Freund closing in on Gal
Andreas Freund raised to 500,000 preflop with J♦8♠ and Zoltan Gal opted to call with K♦T♦. Gal checked and Freund fired 500,000 when the flop came 3♠2♦3♣. Gal made the call and the turn was the J♣, Gal checked a second time and Freund bet 925,000. Gal called again to see the 2♠ on the river.

Gal checked a third and final time and Freund bet 1,925,000 this time. Gal folded after a little bit of deliberation.

6.15pm: Przygorzewski gets rivered
Blazej Przygorzewski raised to 500,000 preflop with K♦6♣, Andreas Freund just flat-called with A♠J♥ to see a K♥7♠J♠ flop. Freund check-called a bet of 450,000 there before calling another 850,000 on the 5♥ turn. The A♦ came on the river which went check-check and Freund picked up a big pot to move above the 10,000,000 mark while Przygorzewski dropped to 5,500,000.

6.05pm: Freund doubles through Przygorzewski
Andreas Freund moved all in for just shy of 4,000,000. Blazej Przygorzewski thought for two minutes and then made the call. Zoltan Gal folded.

Freund: A♦4♥
Przygorzewski: K♥J♣

The board ran out 4♣3♥T♥6♠9♥ and Freund leapfrogged into second place with 8,200,000. Przygorzewski dropped to 7,700,000. Gal still leads with 12,500,000.

6.00pm: Gal takes the chip lead
Blazej Przygorzewski raised to 650,000 in the small blind with 9♥5♥ and Zoltan Gal called with K♣6♣ to see a 7♦K♦J♦ flop. The Pole fired a bet of 600,000 and Gal made the call to see the 5♠ on the turn.

This time Przygorzewski bet 1,075,000 and Gal called again. Both players checked the T♥ river and the hand went to showdown. Gal picked up the pot and took over the chip lead.


Zoltan Gal

5.55pm: Freund ups the ante
Now that Zoltan Gal has doubled up, Andreas Freund has become much more active, he's regularly pushing all in but has not been called. Yet.

5.52pm: Gal doubles through Przygorzewski
Blazej Przygorzewski open-shoved the button with Q♣J♥, Zoltan Gal instantly called with A♥K♣ in the small blind and Andreas Freund quickly folded.

The board ran out T♠4♠7♣9♠3♠ with Gal having to survive a really sweat on the river. Gal is now up to 10,000,000 while Przygorzewski dropped to 14,600,000.

5.48pm: Gal makes his move
Blazej Przygorzewski raised to 500,000 preflop with A♣7♣ from the button and Zoltan Gal moved all in for 4,650,000 with K♣Q♣ and the pressure was enough to make the chip leader fold.

5.38pm: Przygorzewski dominating
No real hands of note so far but Blazej Przygorzewski has picked up the majority of the pots so far without showdown.

5.25pm: Level up, 120,000/240,000 ante 30,000
The players are back in their seats, Blazej Przygorzewski is still the chip leader.
Blazej Przygorzewski 17,600,000
Zoltan Gal 7,300,000
Andreas Freund 3,500,000


Blazej Przygorzewski

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Vienna