Eureka4 Vienna: Markus Stöger leads the final eight players

On the penultimate day of the Eureka Poker Tour's event here in Vienna, there were just 47 players who turned up a midday for a shot at the €244,270 first prize. After a day where the chip lead changed hands several times between multiple players it was local recreational player Markus Stöger who finished as the chip leader with 5,495,000 - he leads by less than one big blind. Both Bryan Paris and Blazej Przygorzewski are hot on his heels with exactly the same count - 5,430,000.


Markus Stöger

The final table looks like this:

Seat one: Andreas Freund, 25, Austria - 4,515,000
Seat two: Robert Malinowski, 49, Poland, PokerStars qualifier - 3,305,000
Seat three: Markus Stöger, 44, Austria - 5,495,000
Seat four: Stavros Kalfas, 32, Greece, PokerStars player - 1,050,000
Seat five: Bryan Paris, 28, USA, PokerStars player - 5,430,000
Seat six: Erik Scheidt, 26, Germany, PokerStars player - 950,000
Seat seven: Blazej Przygorzewski, 22, Poland, PokerStars qualifier - 5,430,000
Seat eight: Zoltan Gal, 27, Hungary, PokerStars qualifier - 2,245,000

The table is a real mix of professionals and recreational players and this is what they'll be playing for:

1. €244,270
2. €139,040
3. €98,210
4. €72,230
5. €56,600
6. €43,240
7. €33,090
8. €23,430

The exits came quickly and consistently today as the field shrunk from 47 players to just two tables and it looked like at one stage that we'd have a final table before the dinner break. That did not prove to be the case, even as we lost such big names as Zimnan Ziyard, Benjamin Pollak and Max Pescatori.


Christian Bauer

The final table bubble saw five different players manage to double up before Christian Bauer, attempting a second double, was foiled when his queens were outrun by Przygorzewski's ace-king.

You can catch up with all of today's proceedings here, here and here.

Tomorrow play will not begin until after 12.30 p.m. local time. It'll be shown on a delayed stream (by at least half an hour) with hole cards on and this blog will update at the same time. Before play starts, I will also put up a full list of player profiles so you'll be able to find a little bit more about each of them.

We'll see you tomorrow!

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Vienna