Eureka4 Vienna: Petersen adjusting to the buy-in size

Team Online's Mickey Petersen plays a range of tournaments from smaller buy-ins online to some of the European Poker Tour High-Roller events and many things in between. During the last break, I asked him a few questions about how he has to adjust his game to play an event with a smaller buy-in.

"Well, it's a bit different for sure. Obviously a general rule of thumb is that the skill level goes down with the size of the buy-in. In an EPT there are certain hands that you would be happy to three-bet or 'get in' versus players but in this event you should be taking flops."


Team Online's Mickey Petersen

"I just played a hand where UTG min-raised and I defended my big blind with ten-five suited. Now obviously in a tougher line-up I'd always fold here but ten-five suited is probably borderline here. For me, in this sort of tournament, weaker hands go up in value.

Earlier I had a hand where I had jack-ten suited in a four-way pot where the K♣7♥6♠ flop was checked and I had bet on the 9♦ turn with my double-gutshot. Two players folded but the next player raised. I felt I had to fold and he showed me ace-queen which is a pretty insane bluff in that spot because I'm really at the bottom of my range there.

A couple of hands later I raised king-nine off UTG and the same guy reraised me, I folded and he showed me a three..."


Team Online's Mickey Petersen

Does he feel like he's a target for some of the more recreational player?

Petersen laughed "Well, I might have re-adjust my game a little. I feel people are more polarised in smaller events, they're either playing too tight and missing out on value or they want to outplay you in every pot."

One of things that had made Petersen most happy was his decision to turn up right at the start of day, he'd picked up a double-up in the first orbit when he'd made an ace-high flush against a king-high flush.

"It's definitely better to turn up at the start, I mean, it's boring for a lot of players and it's boring for me too, ten-handed with no antes. But you get more hands and if I hadn't turned up at the start and got my double then I would have been out by now."

Petersen has 68,000 going into the last level of the day.

Tournament Update:

- Players are now in the final level of the day.
- Less than 360 of the initial 975 remain
- The latest set of exits include Kitty Kho, Martin Jacobson, Kimmo Kurko, Tobias Peters, Alexander Ivanov and PokerStars Team Online member Dale Philip

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Vienna