Eureka4 Vienna: Stars spotted amongst the growing field

The Hofburg Palace, the home of poker for the next 11 days, is hard to describe as anything other than spectacular. The palace itself is so big that we could have a game of hide-and-seek involving all the players playing today and we'd be unlikely to see any of them for the rest of the week.


The poker room in full flow.

Some players, however, are more noticeable than others. There's Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer with his distinctly peacock-esque mohawk while his best friend and fellow Team Pro Jan Heitmann is also playing today. PokerStars player Michael Eiler has happy memories of Vienna; he won EPT Vienna back in Season 7 for €700,000 after beating Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hruby heads-up.


Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann is hoping for a good run here in Vienna.

In terms of "hot streaks", there's no-one doing better than Dominik Panka at this moment. He won the PokerStars Carribean Adventure for $1,423,096 in January and followed it up by winning the €10,300 High Roller Event at EPT Deauville for another €272,000. Today, Panka will be looking to add a Eureka Poker Tour event title to his already impressive collection.

Tournament Update:

- Currently 417 players have entered the tournament so far.

- Late registration is open for four levels.

- Radenko Durdevic, Christian Stallinger, Yuriy Kudrynskyy, Oender Resber and Joerg Drummer are the players who have been eliminated in the first two levels so far.

- Blinds are currently 50/100.

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Vienna