Eureka4 Vienna: Jan Heitmann is one of the early casualties

Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann has had a short day having been one of the early eliminations but he was happy to fill in the details. The German declared, "I'm always sad when I bust a tournament because it means I'm not playing poker any more and I love playing poker."


Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann

Heitmann lost most of his chips in a hand that he was convinced he had not played particularly well. The hand involved a player who was limping a lot and, according to Heitmann "had been doing some interesting things" as well as a new player who had just joined the table. After the serial limper had just called preflop, the new player had raised to 250 behind him. Heitmann made it 850 from the blinds with J♦J♠ and both players called. The flop was Q♣9♥8♠ and Heitmann bet 1,100. The limper made the call and the other player folded.

The 4♦ came on the turn and Heitmann bet 1,500 only to find his opponent raising him to 4,000. Heitmann said, "At this point I should have folded, I probably should have just check-folded the turn anyway but I talked myself into calling. I felt he wanted to be playing pots against the pros and might semi-bluffing with a hand like ace-ten or king-jack."


Michael Eiler, who won EPT Vienna in Season 7, is doing well so far.

The river was the 8♥ and Heitmann checked only for his opponent to now instantly move all in for about 8,000. Heitmann made the call only to be shown jack-ten by his opponent for a flopped straight for a pot worth nearly 30,000. The German Team Pro was eliminated soon after but he'll be back in action later on this week for the European Poker Tour Main Event.

Tournament Updates:

- 424 players have now entered the tournament.

- Blinds are 75/150

- Some chip counts include: Michael Eiler (55,000), Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer (37,000), Friend of PokerStars Natalie Hof (22,000), PCA Winner Dominik Panka (15,200), Age Spets (25,000), UKIPT London Winner Robbie Bull (18,000).

- Players eliminated include Daniel Peche, Bohumil Valenta, Damir Matic, Samuele Grassi, Friedrich Hensler, Peter Hanke, Georges Yazbeck, Yucel Eminoglu, Alexander Stark and Marco Ritter.

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Vienna