Eureka4 Vienna: The big pots that 'make' or 'break'

In a poker tournament, there are many small hands and whether it's a correct fold here or a rightly-sized value bet there, they all add up to how you'll do in a tournament. Then there are the occasional hands that you just cannot escape and do not even wish to try to avoid. The value of winning these "monster pots" can make your tournament, usually while you're breaking someone else's.

One such hand has just fallen kindly onto Jannick Wrang, who won the European Poker Tour event in Campione back in Season 8. And what a pot it was to win...


Jannick Wrang, now among the chip leaders

Richard Larsen, a PokerStars player from Norway, had opened to 1,700 from early position before Fabio Sperling,a German PokerStars qualifier moved all in for 15,800 from the button. Matthias Pialek, an Austrian online qualifier, then cold-called this all-in shove from the small blind with around 40,000 behind.

It was passed to Wrang who moved all in himself for about 70,000. Larsen tanked for a moment before electing to give up his hand. Pialek snap-called for the rest of his 55,000 chip stack for what looked to be the biggest pot I've seen today.

Sperling: J♠9♠
Pialek: K♠K♦
Wrang: A♥A♣

The board ran out 4♦2♣5♣8♦5♠ and Wrang's victory never looked to be in doubt. The Danish player now has about 145,000 which is good enough to put him in about third place going into the last levels of the day.


Natalie Hof has been knocked out

Tournament Update:

- Friend of PokerStars Natalie Hof has been knocked just before the end of level nine.

- Other players who have been eliminated include Alexander Schilt, Harald Sammer, Damien Kupper, Oliver Wulf and Dominik Nitsche

- Players are now playing the final level of the day (600/1,200 with a 100 ante)

- Alex Kravchenko is the last remaining member of Team PokerStars Pro still in after the exits of George Danzer and Jan Heitmann.

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Vienna