Eureka4 Vienna: Those about to break the six-figure mark, we salute you

There's a very familiar face near the top of the chip counts as we came back from the dinner break. At the top at the moment is Michail Karapanos who has 185,000 which is over four times the average. The Greek player's latest pot saw him knock out another player with aces against jacks with all the money going in after a low flop to add another 40,000 to his stack. Karapanos recently came 81st for €2,650 at the last Eureka Poker Tour event, a tournament won overall by the person currently sitting second in chips here in Vienna...


Michail Karapanos

That's right, Dimitri Holdeew, who picked up €226,400 for winning the last Eureka event, is currently in second with roughly 150,000 as we head towards the end of level eight. Holdeew followed up his Eureka win with deep runs at EPT Prague (15th for €44,300) and EPT Deauville (13th for €34,350) and who is to say he won't be having yet another deep run here?


Dimitri Holdeew wants to go back-to-back

Holdeew isn't the only German enjoying his time in Vienna, Michael Eiler who won EPT Vienna in Season 7 for €700,000 has been consistently among the chip leaders today. He's up to 110,000.

And what of the home nation Austria? Ivo Donev has been the man most able to press a claim to leading the Austrian charge. Donev had been as high as 100,000 in the counts but has since slipped back down to a still-very-comfortable 70,000.

But who will be leading overall at the end of today? We will all have to wait another two levels to find out...

Tournament Update:

- Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer has been eliminated, he cold-called a three-bet with pocket kings and got it all-in on the turn of a nine-high board only to find he was up against pocket aces.

- Blinds are now 500/1,000 with a 100 ante

- 171 remain from the initial 457 players who started today

- Recent exits include: Martin Finger, Georgi Gochev, Maximilian Senft, Dragan Kostic, Zsolt Vizsnyiczai and Steven Watts.

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Vienna