Eureka6 Rozvadov: Daniel Karacic leads Day 1A survivors

Season six of the Eureka Poker Tour kicked off today at the King's Casino in Rozvadov. A total of 219 players put up €1,100 to play some poker and when the ten levels were over 90 players had made it through to Day 2.


Daniel Karacic, chipped up in the Czech Republic

Topping the lot of them is Daniel Karacic. The Croat bagged up 194,400 and is no stranger to success in this casino. In September 2010 he scored his biggest career score to date when he collected €15,000 for winning a €330 tournament.

He leads a chasing pack that contains: Harald Casagrande (155,000), Lazer Gjergji (151,800), Gaspare Leggio (147,700), Arturs Scerbaks (138,700), Jens Steuber (126,100) and Ivan Luca (124,800).


Luca went on a late run

The Argentinian high roller finished third in the €5,000 event that concluded here yesterday and showed up halfway through the day. He'd soon done half his stack, but a late night comeback, including a timely queens versus jacks coup, sees him in great shape for Day 2


Eiler enjoyed a good day

There were EPT, UKIPT, Eureka and even Who Wants to be a Millionaire champions in the field today and Michael Eiler - who won EPT7 Vienna - had a great day at the felt. He was always well placed and the 117,900 he bagged up means he'll be hopeful of a deep run.


Eureka Hamburg winner Tom Holke

Of course for some stacks to grow others must disappear. For the likes of Alex Kravchenko, Marius Pospiech, Jan-Peter Jachtmann, Josef Snejberg, Raphael Wimmer, Makarios Avramidis, Tom Holke and Daniel Stacey it was a day to forget. They aren't completely out of contention yet though as they'll be able to enter Day 1C, a turbo Day 1 that starts at 10pm tomorrow and has 20 minute levels.

We'll be back before then though as Day 1B kicks off at 1pm CET. We'll see you then but you can catch up on today's coverage by clicking here. Whilst overnight chip counts are available here.

There's a big tournament taking place in South America too. Follow live updates from LAPT Chile here.

But until tomorrow, goodnight.


All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Rozvadov