Eureka6 Rozvadov: Daniel Rose blooms late on to claim huge Day 2 chip lead


Daniel Rose - two thumbs up for two big pots

Sometimes the end of day chip leader is at the top of the counts throughout the day, steadily accumulating throughout to finish on top. On other occasions, like today at the King's Casino in Rozvadov, the chip leader bludgeons their way to the top by winning one or two massive pots.

Daniel Rose is the man who tops the chip charts heading into Day 3 of the Main Event and his lead is massive as he has almost double that of his nearest challenger. His ascent to the chip counts came courtesy of back to back pots in the last level in which the German went from 400,000 to 1,600,000. He slipped a little to end the day on 1,570.000.

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In the first of the two big hands he flopped a straight to win a 600,000 pot against Mateusz Martewicz (who folded the flop) and Boris Andreev, who had top pair and a gutshot and missed. Had Martewicz called he'd have rivered his flush and eliminated both players. That was crucial because on the next hand Martewicz, Martin Ilavsky and Rose - who now covered Martewicz played a huge pot.

The fireworks went off on the turn of a T♠8♠J♥5♥ board. Rose led, Ilavsky raised, Martewicz shoved for 570,000, Rose re-shoved for over 800,000 and Ilavsky had a decision for his final 400,000. His decision was to fold a set of tens. He folded the best hand as Rose had a set of eights and Martewicz K♥9♥ for the combo draw. The river was a blank and Rose scooped that chip leading pot.


Big fold, would you've called?

To be fair to Ilavsky he didn't go on tilt after that hand and staged a late night comeback of his own to finish the day second in chips on 841,000. The rest of the top five is pretty menacing as it's made up of: David Urban (837,000), Ivan Luca (708,000) and Alexandru Farcasanu (643,000).


Another deep run and big stack for Luca

At the other end of the spectrum Martin Kabrhel (111,000) and Michael Eiler (17,000) will return tomorrow with a short-stack. To see the counts of all 63 survivors click here.

Whilst the Day 3 seat draw can be viewed here.


Guth (centre) looks on during his bubble hand

At 2pm local time the 287 players who'd made Day 2 of the Main Event sat down, all hoping to finish in the top 103 spots to ensure some return on their investment. The bubble would burst just minutes before the dinner break and it was Martin Guth who ensured that 103 players would tuck into their dumplings with a cash to their name.

It was a double bad beat for Guth as not only did he have his pocket jacks cracked by the A♣9♣ of Karol Radomski but he had a chance to chop 103rd place prize money as there was an all-in at another table. It was Grzegorz Wyraz who was at risk, he was all-in with K♦Q♦ and in bad shape against Arsenii Karmatckii's A♣K♦. Guth had wandered over to watch the hand and looked on as the board made Wyraz a straight.


Mulsow - out in time to play the Sunday Million

Once the bubble burst there followed the usual rush to the exits and among those who cashed in but crashed out on Day 2 were: Lee Mulligan (96th, €1,800), Martin Muslow (91st, €1,920), Adam Jaguscik (82nd, €1,920) and Boris Andreev (71st, €2,120). You can see the payouts so far here.

Whilst they won't be back tomorrow for the Main Event, we will be. Action starts at 2pm CET. You can catch up on all today's action in Rozvadov here, whilst Day 2 action from LAPT Chile can be found here.

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Rozvadov