FPS Beaulieu-Sur-Mer: Arnaud Mattern out

france-poker-series.pngby Henri Frey
The first level of the day has been particularly violent. Seven players have already busted, and only 28 players remain. Team PokerStars Pro Arnaud Mattern was eliminated at the start of Day 2. After Christophe Gross raised from the button, Fabrice Jeannet just called from the small blind. With his 70,000 stack, Mattern thought this was a great opportunity to squeeze and put all his chips in the middle.

Christophe folded but Fabrice Jeannet, who set a trap with A♠K♥, called. Mattern showed Q♣8♣ and was about a 65/35 underdog. Despite a 9♣7♣2♠ flop, none of the 15 outs that could help will came on the turn or river.


Arnaud Mattern

Philippe Narboni eliminated two players in the same hand shortly after. After a raise from Christophe Gross, Yves Van Lent pushed all-in (40,000). Martinus Van Est did the same for 60,000. Then when it is Narboni's turn - and he announced "all-in" as well. Gross folded and the cards were revealed:

Narboni: A♣K♠
Martinus Van Est: Q♠Q♥
Yves Van Lent: 8♥8♠

A King on the flop gave the best hand to Narboni. As he had more chips than his opponents, we lost two more players. The Frenchman is now one of the chipleaders with 300,000.