FPS Beaulieu-Sur-Mer: We have a final table

france-poker-series.pngby Henri Frey
After more than four hours of play, the final table is set. Today, 26 players said goodbye to the first leg of the France Poker Series. Amongst the players who got paid were Fabrice Jeannet (17th, €1,888), Mylène Cogan (16th, out on a coin flip against José Barbero, €2,203) and Philippe Narboni (12th, €2,203).

The chipleader at the start of the final table is Antoine Labat. Since last night, the French player is unstoppable and he burst the bubble himself by eliminating Christophe Custo when he pushed all-in preflop with A-J against A-9. With a stack of 1,158,000, he has a third of the chips in play. It's hard not to see him as a favourite for the final win.

But Labat will have to be careful about his quality opponents. At the final table we have: Alan Smurfit (a WSOP bracelet, 263,000), José 'Nacho' Barbero (member of Team Pokerstars Pro from Argentina, 751,000), Karim Benani Smires (last EPT London finalist, 190,000), Alain Roy (425,000) and Steven Maurouard (a colleague journalist, 432,000). Three amateur players also succeed in reaching the last table: Emmanuel Kahan (168,000), Imed Ben Mahmoud (80,000) and Philippe Zunino (303,000).