Finish your summer in style at FPS SunFest Cannes (23-29 September)

Don't let the sun go down on your summer. There's a €250,000 guaranteed France Poker Series (FPS) tournament taking place on the high rolling French Riviera this September. It's the perfect way to finish up the season, taking in some late summer sun on the coast on the PokerStars beach before going back into the Pullman Cannes Mandelieu Royal Casino to smash up the opposition.

Online satellites are available everyday on and, which you can find by clicking 'Events' > 'More' > 'FPS'. We asked Team PokerStars Pro Julien Brécard why (except for the €250,000 guarantee and chunky festival schedule - see below) you should try to qualify for the €1,100 tournament.

"Cannes is one of the best cities in France to play poker. There are a lot of players that like to play mid and high stakes, and I think we can expect more than 400 players to turn up. In September, the weather is really nice and we will be able to go to the private beach Pokerstars rents for the festival. I really love playing the FPS, the atmosphere is so special and really great. I think some players come for the partying as much as they come for the tournament!" said Brécard.


Julien Brécard: Team Pro, commentator, all round nice guy

And if that wasn't enough incentive, then how's about getting some tips on how to take on his countrymen?

"French live players are usually 40+. They love playing deep and they can be very hard to play when they have big stack. They like to see lot of flops and also a lot of turns so they can be tough to bluff. From my point of view, their leaks are especially when they are below 30 big blinds, because a lot of them think they play the same pace as when deep-stacked. I would recommend playing a lot of hands when you cover them but be sure that you have a real hand when you are covered. Let them bluff if you have strong hands even if sometimes means you miss some value," he said.

And if that wasn't enough...

"Good luck and the first beer is on me if you come to Cannes!"


The best way to prepare for your tournament

The FPS SunFest shedule

Monday September 23
1. 20:00, Satellite FPS Main Event*, €100+10, 1 Rebuy + 1 Addon

Tuesday September 24
2. 20:00, Satellite FPS Main Event*, €135+15, Freezeout

Wednesday September 25
3. 19:00, Satellite FPS Main Event*, €45+5, Unlimited Rebuys / 1 addon double
4. 21:00, Side Event - THNL Turbo, €200+20, Freezeout

Thursday September 26
5. 13:00, FPS Main Event - Day1A, €1,000+100, Freezeout
6. 19:00, Side Event - THNL Knockout**, €225+25, Freezeout - Knockout
7. 20:00, Satellite FPS Main Event***, €100+10, 1 Rebuy + 1 Addon

Friday September 27
5. 13:00, FPS Main Event - Day1B, €1,000+100, Freezeout
8. 19:00, Side Event "Peace And Sport Charity" - THNL ****, €270+30, Freezeout
9. 20:00, Satellite High Roller, €200+20, 1 Rebuy + 1 Addon

Saturday September 28
5. 13:00, FPS Main Event - Day2,
10. 14:00, Satellite High Roller Turbo, €225+25, Freezeout
11. 17:00, FPS High Roller - Day1, €2,000+200, 1 Re-entry
12. 20:00, Side Event - THNL "Foldingo", €80+20, Unlimited rebuys + Triple Addon - Turbo

Sunday September 29
5. 13:00, FPS Main Event - Final Day
11. 14:00, FPS High Roller - Final Day
13. 14:00, Side Event - THNL Ladies Event, €50+10, Freezeout
14. 15:00, Side Event - THNL "Win The button", €180+20, Freezeout

Find out more about FPS SunFest Cannes here.


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