FPS Deauville: Ronan Monfort on tournaments and living in Malta

Two years ago, Team PokerStars Pro Online Ronan Monfort had his biggest ever live result when he finished 3rd at the FPS event in Deauville for €60,000. During the break, I had a short chat with him about playing in the French Poker Series and living in Malta.

So a couple of years ago, you finished third here and this year's field looks to be the biggest ever?

Yes, I think it'll be between 1,000 and 1,200. Due to some of the changes in the law, there are not so many tournaments in France. That's why there are so many people here. This is the biggest tournament of the year for many of the French guys, and we love having the EPT dealers and staff here. They're more professional than any other tournament staff in France. There are other big tournaments, but nothing is like Deauville.


Team PokerStars Pro Online Ronan Monfort

How is the tournament going for you today?

I arrived about two hours ago. My table is very soft like I'd expect. It's maybe close to 80% French players playing today.

Do you strategically choose to play Day 1A over Day 1B?

I often play Day 1A because they are softer, and I like to have a break before Day 2 because if you go deep after Day 2 then it's going to be a marathon with no breaks, and that's going to be tough.

What are your plans after Deauville?

Well, I'm very much looking forward to EPT Malta, because that is where I'm living now. It's lovely and cheaper than Paris, and you can get a bigger apartment for €400-€500 a month. I'm going to be living with another poker player, Tahrim. He does some of the French commentary on PokerStars Live and is moving in after EPT Deauville.


Ronan Monfort is looking forward to the debut of Malta on the EPT

There's quite a few poker players living in Malta now, isn't there?

Yeah, I met some Italian regulars who are living there and then there's Sofia Lovgren and Luca Moschitta. They're my neighbours!

And after Malta?

I'm going to try to do my best to go to Vegas. I'm probably not going to go to Monte Carlo, but if I do it'll most likely be just for the France Poker Series event. I'm going to keep playing for the next year for sure but I'll be probably be playing online more often.

FPS Deauville Update:

- Level six has just finished
- 380 players out of 467 remain
- Recent eliminations include Eureka4 Vienna finalist Stavros Kalfas, Anatoly Korochenskiy,Theodore McQuilkin, Jeremy Nock, Grzegorz Tryba, Flavien Mullet and Jonatan Hellman.
- Four levels are left in the day

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