FPS Deauville: Three big stacks in a row...I mean two big stacks

Usually at this point of the evening, the search for a chip leader is on and a great rule of thumb for a blogger is to look for stacks of 100,000 or more, so imagine my surprise when I went over to check out table 25 and saw three players in a row, all with more than 100,000. Definitely worth an investigation, right.

Seated on the left was Jonathan Koskas (120,000) a Frenchman who had previously dropped down from 150,000. In the middle was Sajjad Sahbaei, who said that Koskas had been happily bluffing him and that Sahbaei had been able pick off more than one of these.


There was three big stacks at one point, but now Jonathan Koskas (left) has a big chip lead

Finally on the right of the three was a man who needed little introduction, Guillaume Darcourt (117,500). The Frenchman, a natural extrovert, went a for over a year with bright pink hair - making himself even more distinctive than his current bleach-blonde look. However, don't let that fool you, he's won over a million dollars in live tournaments, including several EPT cashes.

So, that was the post I was writing for you. But then just as I was finishing, one of my French colleagues in the media came up to the room and loudly declared "Darcout busto!"

At this point, I sighed and began to slowly press the Backspace key. Live poker can be the bane of creativity at some points.


Guillaume Darcourt, single-handedly ruining my posts

Apparently Koskas had check-raised to 65,000 on an 8♦K♦T♥ flop and Darcourt had moved all in for over 100,000. Koskas immediately called with T♠T♦ and Darcourt showed 7♦6♦ for a flush draw and gutshot. The 8♥ turn and 8♣ river made Koskas a full house and gave him a 260,000 chip pot. Darcourt was crippled and was knocked out immediately afterwards. It's very hard to see anyone beating Koskas to the chip lead before the end of the day.

FPS Deauville updates:

- Level 10, blinds 500/1,000 (100)
- 260/467 players remain
- This is the last level of the day
- Jonathan Koskas leads with 260,000

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Chris Hall
@PokerStars in France Poker Series