Antonio Caponnetto wins IPT San Remo

ps_news_thn.jpgAntonio Caponnetto made sure of two things this week: the Italian Poker Tour title was going to stay in Italian hands, and he was going to go home with the most money.

Early this morning, the Italian Caponnetto took first place at the IPT San Remo final table for €170,000.

Caponnetto beat a field of 342 players in San Remo, Italy where the IPT players were fighting for their part of a €663,420 prize pool. On the final hand, Caponnetto held Q♣T♣ on a 3♥J♣3♣ board. He moved all-in to discover he was behind Riccardo Lacchinelli's 3♦2♠. The turn missed both players, but the 8♣ on the river gave Caponnetto his flush and the win.

Lacchinelli took second place for €110,000.


Antonio Caponnetto

The IPT now moves to Campione d'Italia January 20-24.

IPT Staff
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