IPT 2 San Marino: Final table, level 28 updates

IPT_thn.jpgby Matteo Viola
00.25am: Pignataro is the IPT San Marino Champion!
Luigi Pignataro is the winner of the first stop of the IPT Season 2 in San Marino. Aldo Zambruno was short-stacked and moved all-in with A♥Q♣. Pignataro made the call for 180,000 chips with 3♥8♠ - and the board ran 3♠[10s]Q♦8♥5♥. Pignataro wins the €190.000 cheque whilst Zambruno is the runner-up, winning €116,000.


Aldo Zambruno and Luigi Pignataro

00.22am: Split pot
Zambruno pushes for 180,000 with 2♦4♥ with Pignataro calling with his 3♥K♥. The 5♦6♦3♦ flop gives a huge advantage to Zambruno, but the 2♣ on the turn and the 4♣ river save Pignataro for a split pot!

Simon Young
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