Domenico Cordi wins IPT Campione d'Italia

Thumbnail image for ps_news_thn.jpgItalian player Domenico Cordi won CHF 230,000 (Swiss Francs) as he picked up the PokerStars IPT Campione d'Italia title.

He beat a bumper field of 391 players to pocket the lion's share of the CHF 898,870 prize pool.

Heads-up, Cordi faced Maurizio Musso from Italy, and Cordi won the event when his [10c][10s] held up against Musso's pocket twos. Musso got CHF 144,000 for second.

The next IPT event will be in San Remo from July 28 through August 1. For more details about how you can take part, visit our PokerStars Italian Poker Tour website.


Domenico Cordi

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