IPT Campione d'Italia final table set

Thumbnail image for ps_news_thn.jpgEach of them are already guaranteed CHF 18,000 (that's Swiss Francs), and eight players return today to chase the CHF 230,000 first prize at PokerStars Italian Poker Tour Campione d'Italia.

With the final table beginning at 2pm local time, the men to beat are chip leader
Domenico Cordi with 2,335,000 chips, followed by Federico Petruzzelli with 2,229,000

You can the follow the final table action over on our sister Italian PokerStars Blog, where you'll find Google Translate a useful tool if you don't understand a word of Italian.

There will also be live coverage of the final table, with Italian commentary only.


Domenico Cordi>

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