Marco Figuccia first to win two IPT titles

IPT_thn.jpgThe PokerStars Italian Poker Tour continues to grow in popularity, attracting players from all over the world. Yet despite the cosmopolitan nature of the field, and as you've probably gathered from his name, a local has bagged the latest leg of the tour

Marco Figuccia picked up €82,000 for topping a turnout of 131 players at IPT Malta, a number that generated a healthy €254,140 prize pool.

His is a name you may recall: this is Figuccia's second IPT title, coming off the back of his IPT Nova Gorica win in 2009. He is the first player to win two IPTs.


Marco Figuccia

His heads-up opponent was Joeri Rick Van Der Sman. As we're in the mood for the obvious, where do you think he comes from? That's right, the Netherlands. He got €45,700 for being runner-up.

The final hand saw a board of T♣J♦6♠5♠9♥ and Figuccia all-in with J♠7♦. Van Der Sman was out-kicked with his J♣3♣.

The next stop on this season's IPT will be in Campione d'Italia, June 23 through 27. You can find details of how to qualify for the €2,000 buy-in event on the Italian Poker Tour website.

And, if like us you can read Italian, then spend some time reviewing the Malta action over at our sister Italian PokerStars Blog.

Simon Young
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