Manlio Iemina wins IPT Campione and CHF154,000

ps_news_thn.jpgManlio Iemina has won IPT Campione after beating fellow Italian Stefano Terziani heads up. Iemina took home CHF154,000 ($161,234) after making a deal which saw Terziani claim a bolstered CHF126,000 ($131,919) payout for second place.

31-year-old Iemina, who is one of the most successful online players in Italy and has a growing live record to back it up, last night took the title on his second IPT final table attempt. His live results include a 21st place at the IPT Sanremo in January 2012 (€4,400), a 9th place at EPT Snowfest in December 2011 (€25,000) and a huge runner-up spot at IPT Nova Gorica in March 2010 for €121,000. Expect to see Iemina making more late apperances at both the IPT and EPT.


Manlio Iemina, winnner of IPT Campione

Final table payouts
1. Manlio Iemina, Italy, CHF154,000 (Swiss Francs)
2. Stefano Terziani, Italy, CHF126,000
3. Fabrizio Ortolomo, Italy, CHF65,000
4. Alain Medesan, Romania, CHF50,000
5. Jacopo Brandi, Italy, CHF32,500
6. Ivo Donev, Austria, CHF 25,500
7. Paolo Compagno, Italy, CHF19,000
8. Zeng Zhiping, China, CHF14,625

The next stop of the Italian Poker Tour will be Nova Gorica which runs 15-19 November 2012. The main event buy-in is €2,200. Check the site closer to the date for a full tournament schedule. You can also follow the action (in Italian) by going to the PokerStars Blog and follow IPT news in English here.

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