Salvatore Bonavena on course for second IPT title

Team PokerStars Pro Salvatore Bonavena this afternoon starts the final table of IPT Nova Gorica with a very real chance of winning his second Italian Poker Tour (IPT) title. It's Bonaven'a fourth Main Event final table in four seasonon his domestic tour in which he has won one and finished third and fourth in the other two. Sal Bon, as he is sometimes referred, is no stranger to success having won EPT Prague in Season 5 for €774,000. That's a fair chunk, but certainly not all, of his $2,415,162 live career winnings.


Could you handle the style of the mighty Sal Bon?

Bonavena, who we learnt does not speak that much English, starts today average stacked with 950,000 in an all-Italian finale and certainly has the most poker experience of any of the eight players. A podium finish seems likely.

Massimiliano Bramati - 1,390,000
Sebastiano Giudice - 1,281,000
Riccardo D'Antoni - 1,032,000
Michele Di Lauro - 1,012,000
Salvatore Bonavena - 950,000
Paolo Casaburi - 767, 000
Michele Limongi - 566,000
Fausto Cheli - 515,000

Final table payouts
1. €155,000
2. €95,000
3. €55,000
4. €42,000
5. €33,000
6. €25,000
7. €18,000
8. €12,000

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